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Jig n' Pig help


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I can't ever catch any fish on jig n, Pigs. Could any one give me some info on how to fish a jig like size, color, depth, time of day, what kind of cover or anything else would be greatly helpful.

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Well I have caught fish on tube jigs. But I was fishing them over a shallow sandy flat. It made it really easy to tell I was getting bit and not hung up in weeds.

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Well guys...

A jig is a tool in your tackle box, just like any other lure you have. You fish a jig in areas that hold fish. could be weeds, could be rocks.. could be wood, could be docks... could be shallow, could be deep! But I guarentee you if there isn't a fish around for you to catch on a jig you wont catch one.

SO, first find where the fish are. Then I would suggest you grab a 3/8th oz jig(good weight to start with for most conditions...Either a Pumpkin in clear water or Black/Blue in stained... Then fish it much like you do any lure where you need to impart the action. Crawl it a little, small hop it a little, let it sit motionless a little. Then if you catch a fish.. REPEAT...find out what the fish want, some days they want it moving a little faster, some days painfull slow. But fish it much like you would a tube or texas rig...Or jig worm.. I fish them all about the same, they just feel a little different on the end of the line. I will tell you this however, when you get a jig bite you will know! You wont ask yourslef.. HMM WAS THAT A BITE?

I think the biggest problem people have with jigs is this...They go out fishing, try what they normally do to catch fish and have a hard time.. Then they say to themselves, "hey maybe I should try a jig today"... well if you couldnt catch them on your normal techniques, your going to have problems on new techniques...

When I learned to fish a jig, I tool only 3 rods... and 1 tackle box... FULL OF JIGS! nothing else.

Make sure you are using heavy enough equipment as well, I have seen a lot of people try to fish jigs on spinning gear as well.. It can be done but not as effectively. 6'6" up to 7'6" rod at least MH... and 15 LB line I would suggest for starters.

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i'm no exspert, but will give you some ideas.( i'm sure the pros will get in here to help too!) for size it is going to depend on the type of area/cover you are fishing.and some times what the fish want. i use a 3/8 most of the time in scattered weeds, flats ( shallow and mid range [ 2-10 ft.]) i do use an 1/8 in clear water or heavy pressured areas, and may use a 3/4 to 1 oz for deeper water.my color choice most of the time is a black/ blue/ purple combination. but many guys have great luck with white, water melon etc..if fishing heavy cover you may want to step up to a 3/4 to 1 oz. jig. fish the edges,pockets, docks or drop it through the matting to the fish that may be below . also pay attention to any contour changes that may be under the cover. work any flats that are next to deeper water. move from shallow to deep trying to find where the fish are that day. in the eveings work towards the shallows as the fish start moving up to feed. try different retreeves. short hops,longer hops,a short drag, to a longer drag. just bouncing it up and down in place, and or bouncing it off and through objects .use a rod and line that is capable of handling the type of cover you are fishing. most of the time i use a 6-6 to 7 ft rod with braided line.use jigs with rattles and or those with out. one thing i do to my jigs is trim the weed guard down some. leave it about an 1/8 in above the hook pt for fishing the more open areas. WATCH your line !! hits may be a tap tap; a slam. just some added weight, or the line moving. if you feel something different hammer the hook home. some guys feather the line with thier fingers, but i don't like doing that with braids !( the stuff will cut you !) oh! don't forget to try swimming the jig too. for trailers; i like the power bait chunks, a twin tails, craws,or a spider grubs. i like the plastic better do not hving to worry about them drying out. hopes this gives you some ideas and helps ! del

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