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My biggest bass(from the metro!)


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Well, I don't often post specifically to talk about a certain fish I caught, but I do feel like reporting this little hog. And I will argue with anyone who tries to put down metro fishing! smile.gif I was fishing Calhoun from shore(for those who don't know it's one of the lakes closest to down town you can get). I was fishing topwater around the milfoil like I often do, and when nothing was taking a big popper I downsized to a bitty little buzzbait and on my first cast I nailed my biggest bass to date, a healthy old girl of 21 inches. I know quite a few of you are used to this size fish(I don't fish tonka much wink.gif), but most of my big bass to date top out at 18-19inches, although I've caught a lot of them. I got a pic and had an audience of joggers which was fun, and got downtown right in the background. Can't wait to develop that one. I did not have a scale since i was wading and like to limit my stuff. Anyone have a guesstimate for me? Wasn't a big bellied girl like spawning, but was not skinny like postspawn, just a nice healthy fish. Was quite a thrill seeing a big fish like that clear the water 4 times before I got her into shore. Made quite a splash!

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Thanks guys, sure was a a nice fish. And yes, as soon as I get my camera developed I'll try to scan and post that pic along with some of my other nice metro bass from this year. I'll have to head back out tonite so I can start filling out that camera.

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