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buddy heater and 5lbs tanks

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Geting old myself. I ground blnd it with a huddy heater. Lovenall day sits. I chew sunflower seeds to fight off the nods. Buddy is just ejough to take the edge off. Daughter like burning grass. And a slush scooper helps heat up breackfast sandwich.

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I do not believe there is a huge issue with scent, as mentioned above, if that gas smell is blowing the deer's way, so is your scent.

I would rather be warm and maybe have one deer scent me than sitting there being cold and miserable.

Other option if you do not want to use a gas heater, get some warmer clothes and layer. Yes, the good warm clothing costs more but in the end, you will enjoy your hunt much more.

I can sit out in some pretty nasty weather with the clothing I use unless it gets to -20. Then I could get chilled a little bit.

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I will be building a few small box blinds for my father in law and sister in law to keep them warm next year. Anything I can do to keep him hunting... I bought a new hunting parka this year from the big C store. It has the new thinsulate and I was quite surprised at how warm it is. Sunday morning it was 7 degrees when I went out and sat until past 11 when we had to get going. I wasn't cold at all. I do not think a propane heater would be an issue at all. I would say we are much more smelly and out of place than propane. A deer will smell us way sooner than a heater.

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I'm packing my blind and buddy heater for this weekend. I'm cold blooded even with the good clothing I get cold. It doesn't sound like it is supposed to get above 20 degrees in the Bemidji area so I'm giving it a try. I suppose it could be old age catching up to me, but I cant sit in this kind of weather like I use to.

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