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Options for the kiddo

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I've been looking into options for bike seats or tow behinds for the kiddo. She is 17 months old so still a ways away from riding along side us.

I've seen some that attach to the bike up front by the handlebars and others that attach behind the seat. Of course there are also tow behinds.

So what do you guys use?

I'll be trying to find something used since I don't want to sink a lot of money into something the kid won't use a ton but we do want to start getting her out on the bikes.

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Used a tow behind for about 1 year when really young. While every kid if different, mine hated being strapped in and sitting there, and agree with go used as they are spendy for how much you might use them. I know you mentioned she won't be riding along with you for a while, but she may......seriously consider a strider. Have seen 3 years olds easily keep up to an adult slow pace.....they look like mini Fred Flintstones. Plus they learn balance so quickly that the transition to a big girl bike is almost effortless.

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I've seen those striders and I think they are a great option once she gets to that age. Hoping to borrow one from a friend once the time comes. I just need something to bridge that gap.

I'm hoping to find something that my daughter won't hate but she takes after her old man a little too much and hates sitting still for any length of time. She refuses to stay in her stroller and has figured out how to get out of it already.

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