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Crappie Rage

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Saturday night my son (12) and I headed out to my dad's place in Hugo. We were going to hunt another property we have permission to hunt closer to Stillwater. So this is pretty much city hunting on a nice day which can be an issue.

Left my dads and went to the first spot and when I got there, there were 3 15 year olds playing in the driveway. I turned right around and headed back to my dads knowing those kids have probably trampled through the whole property.

We only had one stand we could hunt and it was close to the house so we headed there. A small permanent stand with just enough room for both of us.

It was a noisy night with pheasant hunters at the game farm, dogs barking, trucks on roads, etc. It was a slow night, but enjoyable for me.

I ask him several times a week if anything cool happened in school as this is his first year of middle school and every time he says no. So about an hour in he says "I'm bored". So I quick ask him if anyone is getting in trouble and he says no. What about Logan? Oh, yeah, he always talks to much in class. Any fights? And this is where he perked up and went on a 15 minute talk about 3 fights.

If we heard something I thought was a deer, he would turn his phone to video, hand it to me and pick up his bow. When it did not come out he would say grunt at it. Of course he sees the videos where the buck is 1.64 miles out, the guy grunts and shoots him at 10 yards. But I doe and fawn grunt a few times during the night.

He watched a mouse scrounge for dinner. One squirrel, a couple horses next door.

Then just at last light, he says there's a deer. Where? Right there, can't you see it. No. It's a doe, no it's a buck.

The buck was at 3 o'clock to us and only 30 yards away. Our effective range is about 15 yards. But the buck keeps the 30 yard buffer. So I grunt at him a couple times as he is working his way counter clockwise. Now he is at 9 o'clock and still circling us at about 30 yards. Now he is at 6 o'clock, one more grunt and he turns and comes at us. He stops at 12 yards still angling toward us. I can hear my son breathing. I tell my son to point his bow at him and when he starts walking again to draw. The buck starts walking, he draws, the buck stops perfect at 10 yards and I said go ahead, right behind the shoulder.

Whack. The nockturnal lights up and deer takes off. Looks good but hard to tell. The arrow busts off at about 50 yards. We both shake for 15 minutes, then sneak back to the house.

Came out with Grampa an hour later and 40 yards past the glowing nock is the buck. 1.5 year old bucks are the best.


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Awesome! Great deer for that young man, and a great shot too. WTG!

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Congrats!!!!! The 3 of you will never forget the moment when you 1st spotted his downed deer. A great trophy indeed that he got to share with Dad and Grandpa.


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Cool deal!!! Congrats to the hunter!!! and what better way then to do it with his dad watching!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • i was just there on the 11th of Aug, yea i was way less then impressed with the cave. wont bother me none, but then again that wasthe first time in 5 years i've been in a cabelas.
    • Hello from the NW Angle!   Minnesota walleye fishing has been great using bottom bouncers and a night crawler. Anglers are being selective to fill limits with 16-18” fish as well as a few over 28 released. Most success has been in the mud, off of structure in 21-23 feet and 26-30 feet. The largest fish seem to come from South of Garden Island on crank-baits.   Canadian walleye are also most effectively targeted with bottom bouncers and spinners. Depth has not been as important as being at the bottom of a break line in the flat. Gold with chartreuse has been best as of late.  Musky activity has slowed from the prior weeks but expect it to ramp up with the full moon approaching. Perch have been schooled up on and around reefs topping out around 30 feet.   Water temps remain consistently in the low to mid 70’s.    Remember - fall is the time for trophy fish up at the NW Angle!   Until next week,   Sunset Lodge
    • It seems to be working😉
    • I've heard good things about the Browning's. 
    • Just curious- what about your old now is making you switch?   I've shot both and have no real concerns with either. Elite makes a nice bow and has several good options over the past few years. But... regardless of brand there are lots of good options out there. Shoot what feels good to you and hits where you're aiming. Totally generic,  but good advice IMO. 
    • I was surprised by that too Wanderer. I bought 2 of them about a month ago and am giving them a whirl. I've got 3 on bear baits right now. I'll have a feel for them in a couple weeks. 
    • I did not last year and I am not sure about this year.  I would sure like to.  New job and some new help at the hunt didnt allow me time to volunteer last year.  Hope this year is different.
    • The Moultrie M50 was rated 81/100 on Trailcam pro.  I was surprised to see the majority of the highest rated cameras were Browning.  I like the Browning brand for firearms but have considered many of their other products to be mid-level offerings.
    • I'm not sure Hoyt4 I've never messed with the video part. I'll take a look when I get home. 
    • MJ 1657 I just bought an M50. Mills had them on sale for $129.99. The infared version was $139.99. Only been using it for about a week and so far I like it. That buck in the night time pictures is quite a ways out from the camera.    I've had a Moultrie 880 for years and it's been a solid camera.    MJ Did this Moultrie have picture video at the same time like the old 880? I have not found another camera to do that but the Moultrie and it's great. I'm running out of this version only have two left now.