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harvey lee

Didn't take long

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Well, I took my 12 year old granddaughter out this am for the opening of the deer youth season.

From the pictures on my trail camera, I figured we were in good shape.

We got in the stand at 6:15 and at 7:14, here comes the 8 pointer I have been seeing on the camera. We got ready and we let the buck get within about 17 yards and then I told her to let it have it. She shot, the buck walked off slowly and wobbly for about 30ft and crashed. We went over there after about 5 minutes, busy high fiving each other and found the buck.

All the practice she has done the past 2 summers has really paid off as she shot the deer, took out the heart and one lung bigtime with her 20 gauge slug gun. Last years buck dropped on the spot. Gotta love it when a youngster can shoot like that. WE practiced at much longer ranges but I thought if the buck wants to walk right up to use, then keep coming as it makes for a much easier and higher percentage shot.

As with last years 8 pointer, she said I am shaking again and I said that is what this is all about, the excitement.

The hunt was quick as we did not have much time to spend together in the deer stand but an awful good ending.

I will post a pic later, have to finish skinning it and then quarter it up and get5 it in the cooler as it looks like a warm day today.

Nothing better than taking a youngster out deer hunting and spending time with them and then as a bonus, harvesting a buck. Just does not get any better than this, ever.

Taylor asked me what I was going to do since we do not have to go out this evening, I said you know, the fellow I guided for the handicapped hunt shot a buck, now you get one and Gpa also wants to harvest one. Taylor said good luck.

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Congrats to you and your grand daughter....What an awesome opportunity to be along for!!!!

Can't wait to see the pictures!!!


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Congrats, Tom. Sounds like she's a crack shot. Good to teach the kids to shoot well. Gives you something to do in the offseason, and it payed off!

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