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Where are these "big bass"?


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Where are all these 20-30 fish a day lakes? I fish Lac Lavon a old strip mine in Apple Valley and the average fish there is ten inches! We catch hopefully 8 a day and the highlight of the year is when a 19" comes underneath the dock and we go down there 4 days in a row and jig right below the dock!!! lol I want fish like i had in florida!!! hehehe I got Cabin Fever.

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Dude, it is so time for you to find a new lake...But its a cold day when I call eight 10" fish. There are lakes all over the state that are great bass lakes. I would check with the DNR and see if there are any Bass Catchand release lakes in your area. Those lakes can be awesome. Or find a lake that is trolling moter only, those lakes also get less pressure and have more fish usually.

Otherwise, down your way I would check out. O'Dowd, Marion, and Prior. All very Decent lakes...

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Tyman, I'm from the South too, and the best Bass fishing I've found up here is the Mississippi River. I found a couple of decent bass lakes in the west metro area, but after catching those smallmouths on the Miss, I just quit going to the lakes. A 3lb smallie in the current will make you think you got one of those giant Florida Largemouths on. It's not uncommon to catch 40-50 a day out there, too!

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Tyman - Here are some of the lakes that I had 20 plus mornings or evenings on last year in the metro area:

Anoka County - Coon, Peltier
Carver County - Ann, Bavaria, Minnewashta, Steiger, Waconia
Chisago County - Chisago, Green, North Center, South Center, South Lindstrom
Hennepin County - Calhoun, Cedar, Harriet, Isles, Medicine, Minnetonka, Sarah
Scott County - Prior
Washington County - Bald Eagle, Big Carnelian, Big Marine, DeMontreville, Olsen, White Bear

I can't think of one from the list that doesn't kick out fours or fives with regularity either. I'm sure most people would have a similar list.

If you aren't catching 20 plus fish in a morning or evening you should try a different lake or pick one from above because most of the lakes in the metro have the capacity to do that in several minutes, let alone a whole day.

I've spent a considerable amount of time fishing the best water in Florida and I'd chose metro lakes over those lakes any day for numbers of three to six pound fish.

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I used to fish Lac Lavon all the time back in the late 80's - early 90's and there were tons of huge bass and pike in there - what happened? Was there a big wwinterkill or something? There used to be a sandbar at the dogleg and it was a killer spot at dawn/dusk for spinnerbaits.

I bet I caught a couple dozen LM over 5 lbs there and released them all - maybe it was just the same fish time after time??????

Kidding aside - I loved fishing that lake when I lived in Rosemount and only had a canoe - it was like my own private bass perserve - not to mention when the trout were hitting!

Daze Off

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