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I'm looking for some product feedback on jackets and bibs you use during the deer firearm season. I'm new to hunting and looking for a good product. I've been doing some searching, and outside of Gor-Tex, I'm not too familiar with some of the materials. I'm wondering how dry these jackets stay. Has anyone come across a jacket or bibs that said it's waterproof but still ended up soaking wet? Or am I better off opting for Gor-Tex gear?

I was looking at Cabelas and some of the materials feel like they would absorb moisture/water even though they say water proof. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks for the feedback!


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A few years ago I got the Cabelas Wooltimate pants and jacket and just use a blaze vest over them for firearms. I also use these for bowhunting when it's cold. They are very warm. I would say that as long as you aren't in a steady rain these shed water pretty good. Plus they are quiet. I like them a lot.

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I purchased the Cabelas Whitetail Extreme outerwear a few years ago and have been really happy with it. I've been out in rain, freezing rain and snow and each time have stayed completely dry and warm on the inside. Definitely blocks wind well too. The outer material is very quiet and will get a little wet however the goretex is sandwiched in the middle of the layers of fabric and keeps you dry.

One of the main things with all Goretex clothing items is to keep the DWR (durable water repellent) fresh. This is a coating that causes the water to bead on the outside fabric and run off. Once your outer fabric gets soaked, moisture can eventually seep through Goretex. The DWR prevents that outer fabric from getting soaked.

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I would say what most people see as Goretex wearing out is the DWR loosing it's effectiveness. Once the outer fabric is saturated then it can seep through Goretex overtime. DWR can be revived through gentle washing and tumble drying. Eventually if that doesn't revive it you can buy spray on or wash in reapplications.

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I would say what most people see as Goretex wearing out is the DWR loosing it's effectiveness. Once the outer fabric is saturated then it can seep through Goretex overtime. DWR can be revived through gentle washing and tumble drying. Eventually if that doesn't revive it you can buy spray on or wash in reapplications.

If there is a saturated layer over the Goretex it doesn't breathe. Still keeps the water out. First gen goretex used to leak if you were sitting in a puddle like a boat or canoe seat.

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I looked at various options when I needed new outerwear for rifle season. I didn't have a big budget but I wanted something that could be worn in various weather conditions.

I ended up finding a lighter blaze orange rain suit with jacket and pants that came with a decent liner. I can't remember the brand off the top of my head but I found them at Fleet Farm and I think I paid around $80-100 for the set.

I use the rain suit as an outer shell and its windproof and water proof. Then under it I use various layers of under armour, fleece, wool, etc that I already owned. I purchased the rain suit one size larger than I would typically need so that it can be used over thicker under layers when its bitterly cold. In the last few years I've hunted in rain, snow, 10-15 degrees, and up to 50 degrees and I've been able to modify my under layers to keep comfortable in all conditions.

In the past I've used the heavier/bulkier blaze orange jackets and bibs that are on the market and I didn't like the bulk when climbing in and out of stands or when using my climbing stand. Using the rain gear as a shell and building my under layers as needed allows me to avoid the bulk but still keep plenty warm.

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