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Crappie Rage

Kansas Youth Hunt 2014

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Friday September 5 we picked up the 3 kids at school and hit the road for the next 7 hours. Our destination was a 2 bedroom mobile home and 300 acres of some of the funnest hunting property in the country. Confidence was high with decent temps being predicted.

Arrived at the mobile at 10pm, unpacked and hit the rack. The 2 kids who were hunting were out of bed quickly and ready to go.

My son(12) and I headed to the Triangle Plot and McLovin and his daughter(16) headed to a ladder stand on another piece of property. 58 degrees and the best starting temp in the 4 years we have been doing the youth hunt.

At 7:40 my son says, there is a deer. I thought he was joking because I couldn’t see it. But then it moves in the field and he gets into position and I get him the .243. The doe stops broadside at 25 yards and I am waiting for the shot. Nothing. She starts heading in front of us at about 20 yards. I bent down to get in line with him and burped her to a stop. The shot came shortly thereafter.

She ran 30 yards to the other side of the plot, stopped at the edge of the woods and backstepped and cartwheeled into the plot and it was over. We were both excited.

I asked him why he didn’t shoot when she stopped to feed and he said that I didn’t grunt at the deer to stop it. Too many hunting shows, I guess.


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Now this post should go on for pages and include photos of another doe and 2 really nice bucks but unfortunately kids miss and disappointment happens. But both kids are wanting to bow hunt more and the third kid says she is going to deer hunt next year for the first time.

We did have one hour of home schooling. 5 card draw and blackjack were taught at the beginner level.


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One bright spot is that my son is a Pee Wee in hockey and can miss a weekend of hockey in December. I am already planning our assault at that time.

Can't wait for next year either.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Oh, you haven’t seen me upset.  After I miss 5 straight - then I get upset! 😁
    • dog is good too, did not know it then, but when I was over seas and had some and found out later.. it was the last tome ...  would not say try it cause they are my friends....
    • I'm sure it's tasty, but I have never tried dog either. Calm down people, I am just kidding around.   We used to keep landscaping supplies out on a farm in Rosemount back in the day, and blast away at them when they emerged from the barn. Sticking with the Clint theme.............. Farm cats gotta eat, same as worms.   Being a member of the dove family, I am sure the meat is simular.  
    • Remember, he liked the neighbors food after he tried it. 😋
    • I fished most of the lake in scout mode today.  Found walleyes early on midlake humps and bars in 18-24 fow.  Got a couple to go on jigging raps but then they shut off.  Spent the rest of the day trying to pin down a panfish pattern.  Found good numbers of sunfish in shallow cabbage beds(6-9 fow).  None were huge but good numbers of 8-8 1/2" gills.  A few crappies are mixed in with them and some are suspending off the break.  There are also good numbers of sunfish in or just outside the reeds.   Most of the sunfish ran smaller though although there were some keepers there too.  Pike and bass I did not target but saw others do so successfully.   Plenty of bass in the reeds and spinnerbaits seemed to be what most were using.   Troll over the weeds and you will be rewarded with pike.
    • I got primary on the Crow-Hassen with a rank of #21. New experience for me as well, with MBRB, been a member for a few years just could never get a hunt.   DanBo - That was one I had on my list as I have a buddy that lives just a few blocks up from there.
    • try them before you knock them....
    • we've only  used the adapter so far at the campsites, as I've only seen the standard plug in's at the boxes; and only running some lights and AC at the most at one time, no fridge to run
    • That is crazy nice Hoey.  😎   But for $3,400 I'll just keep my dirt flakes on the floor and may be pick up another used sled or wheeler! 😋