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Deep water jigging (continued)


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Ray (and any others),
Any particular jig head you like (for worm jigging on deep weed edges, this is a reference to the earlier thread that became a aqua-view video meeting thread)?

I asked about the texas rig because the hook size on most jig heads seems small...I am used to 3s and 4s for fluke fishing...also, don't the jig heads with exposed hook foul in milfoil?

Do you recommend clear or lo-vis mono over hi-tech braids for this type of fishing?

By the way, thanks for the help. It is great..

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I would use a gopher mushroom head jig with the gamakatsu hook. This is a great jig for jig worming with. If the jig gets caught in the milfoil or coontail, give the rod a snap to free the jig. The shape of the jig head and the light wire hook should come free. More times than not it is this jerking action that will provoke a strike. I am not a huge fan of braids. I stick with light mono or florocarbon.

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You're very welcome. I'm happy to share what so many others have shared with me over the years.

I like a super sharp 1/0 on my jigheads. It's small compared to 4/0 and 5/0 worm hooks, but very effective. If you're having trouble hooking fish with this hook, I'd suggest you are positioning the rod wrong and/or leaving too much slack in the line. With the exception of the initial drop, I maintain solid contact with the bait at all times. It's a challenge on windy days, but doable. I like to keep the rod tip eye-level or higher. Admittedly, this makes for some ugly looking hook sets, but it keeps me in contact with the bait. Plus, I'm line watcher. I can see the twitches much better looking out at the line than down.

Anyone who fishes jigworm religiously knows that you will lose a fair number of fish. It has nothing to do with the gap size of the hook. It has everything to do with the combination of a light wire hook and a ball of lead. Heavy wire hooks are not as effective. They foul more frequently on weeds and make the bait fall and rest at a flatter angle. I prefer the bait to fall almost straight down and come to a rest with the worm up (at least until it tips over and lays on the bottom).

You are correct about exposed hook rigs being frustrating in heavy Eurasion milfoil. It's still my go to bait, but you're going to pick lots of weeds off it. If it's too thick, I'll reluctantly pick up a Texas-rig.

I do not fish braided line with jigworms. I'm not saying it's wrong, but it doesn't fit with my system (if you want to call it that). I've tried it. I found it casted poorly off smaller spinning reels, had too much floatation for windy day fishing, and caused me to straighten out hooks. I love braided line for jig-n-pig, flipping, and dock fishing, but not jigworm fishing. 8 pound, green XT is my line of choice.

Ray Esboldt
Stone Legacy

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I am very sorry I hijacked that last post of yours...I wont do it to one of your posts again.

As for jigs for jig and pig if I am fishing in the weeds I like the Northland Jungle jig...Its a jig that has the line tie in the very nose of the bait allowing it to get it threw grass much better.... However in open water I think you get better action out of an Arkie style head jig. It stands up a little better. If your fishing cover around docks and wood I fish a jig that has a level or horizontl line tie. It comes over that cover better and doesnt get stuck as easy.

As for small muchroom heads Vmc makes a very good one and so does Gopher tackle.. Dont be scared by its smaller hooks they still catch and hold on to big fish.

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Don't worry about the high jack. These forums are like quality real life conservations: good ones take sudden turns depending the subjects intorduced. (Acutally the video stuff was intersting).

Thanks for the tip on the jungle jig...I am feeling less punchy...I uncovered the boat, vacuumed it out (my truck meanwhile goes untouched for two months.

The reels all have new line...the tackle box is re-sorted (heavy on the new jigs)...and I plan to go out catfishing (I read the thread about spring cats) on the Mississippi soon...

"Let's see what can I do with this medium weight baitcasting gear before opener."

Thanks to all of the guys who helped with jib advice this winter...I will break the curse

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