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What is YOUR method for determining a PATTERN for bass?


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Here is my general rule to try to pattern bass:

1st you must be able to recognize what the seasonal movements of bass consist of and in which category the period you are fishing falls into. Once that is determined I then make preliminary assumtions of where the bass should be based on the current weather conditions, water clarity ect. I then approach these spots using either a horizontal or vertical approach, typically the fish will tell you which they prefer. Once that is determined I further still disect into color, retrieve, lure size and shape. Example: I fish a spot which I think should be holding bass, I start with a horizontal approach, say a spinnerbait or crankbait, maye I catch a couple of small ones or nothing at all. I then might throw a jigworm, or some sort of vertical presentation. Right away I nail a couple of nicer ones, now we have a start!

Say for instance it's early June, you know that good numbers of bass should be holding relatively near to where they spawned a week or two earlier, If thats when I happen to be out there I personally like to start shallow, preferably docks relative to shallow bays and hopefully in close proximity to deeper water. Pitch worms or jigs under the docks, more times than not that is the pattern for me that time of year, if it is cloudy I will catch alot of bass in the no mans land between docks.

The list goes on and on as to the possibilities of determining a pattern. But my general rule of thumb is this:

1. Horizontal or vertical
2. Lure size and or color
3. Retrieve

All of this only after determing the other factors I listed above.

Probably more than you wanted to hear but I'm just so dang exited to get out there I couldn't stop typing.

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thanks Stratos... very helpful... you know, so many of the fishing shows on t.v. just try to sell you something or just show the fish they are catching and what lure they catch them on.. and maybe how to fish the lure, but the most important thing is why are the in that spot, why did the choose that lure etc..... its too bad.... does anyone else have suggestions?

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Every month in BASSMASTER magazine there is a feature where they put a professional fisherman on a strange lake and tell him to pretend it is a tournament. The article is basically a narrative of how/why they approach establishing a pattern and what factors they consider - even as the conditions change through the course of a day. Check it out!

Daze Off

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thanks Daze... i do subscibe to Bassmaster and that is my favorite section of the magazine... i was just looking for some "local" ideas also...


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