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Fishing Advice in September

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I have only been to DL once in early summer. What type of tactics do guys use in early September? Casting into the trees, trolling deeper? Can perch be found or are they still scattered?

Have a trip coming up and am just looking for some advice on what to bring and any advice is appreciated!



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I myself have similar questions to original poster - As I have never - ever fished Devils Lake.

I will be working the greater ND area and traveling as far as Stanley, Bismark and Williston for work during my week in ND..

I decided to pull my 1440 Lund and stay at a resort for a week instead of jumping hotel to hotel - as I love to fish.

Any info prior to departure would be very appreciated.

Should I try minnows - throw jigs and twister tails - pull cranks, lead core - any depths to start out and try ? Any starter info appreciated.

If cranks pulled - do you snag often. Is weather and wind a bit much for a 1440 Lund or can I stay close to shore?

I would like to say thanks in advance for any info that might help me out - as well as poster above. My dates will be Sept 23rd to Oct 1st for work / play.

I will be closer to creel bay and 6 mile bay but I could travel if needed w trailer for a day likely.

Thanks Again - hopefully we can keep this post going with some fishing info.

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We fished it last year in the last week of August.

They bit everything we threw at them in 6 feet of water to 40 feet of water. Jigs, bouncers, cranks, lead, leeches, crawlers, lindys, plastics etc...... didn't matter. Our joke for the weekend was if we put a treble hook on a door hinge that we still would've caught fish smile

Snags weren't too bad where we fished, but we lost a crank or two.

You'll have to keep a close eye on the wind speed and direction with a 14' boat, she can get a little bumpy in a hurry out there wink

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OK - awesome.

I had to sign off on the cabin rental - leaving in same shape as arrived.

Maybe that is due to renters "Putting a Treble hook on the torn off door hinge from cabin"

I just hope weather and wind allows me to get out

Thanks for upbeat info - -

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We were there weekend of Sept 5-6. Did pretty well on bottom bouncers in 10-20 feet of water. We used mostly crawlers as leeches were scarce but the small amount of leeches we had also got bit. Lots of 12-17 inch fish. Biggest we boated was around 20 inches so nothing huge but lots of action. Did see a boat come in with a limit of big fish they were putting the knife to..... kind of sad to see but to each there own.

There were a lot of boats and shore fisherman stacking up at the bridges and most were catching fish.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Triclopyr is safe for lawn grass like bluegrass.  
    • Fishhousesupply.com in Buffalo MN
    • Nice win last night with Kepler & Schoop doing the heavy lifting. Some tough but good work done by the bullpen too.  Yanks beat the Indians as well.👍
    • Nice bag of fish there Duff!   I was out for about an hour and a half last night and managed 9 bites; 4 bass and 5 pike.  Only 1 bass and 2 pike made it to the boat though.  Horrible conversion rate.   The bite is still on reaction baits for me.  Buzz bait, spinner bait, rattle bait, jerk bait.  Nothing on plastic which is usually my go to.  It’s been weird with all the short bites lately.  I’ve had very few fish that have crushed the bait.  Earlier I figured it was a food thing - they were just too well fed.  I’m hoping that’s still the case cuz those bass have DEEP bodies on ‘em.  I’m starting to wonder though if the pressure is getting to them.  We’ve had a noticeable uptick of new fisher people in the area.   The side action: Had a couple turkeys glide by and up to their roost next to me about 10 minutes after watching a nice 10 pointer stand up out his bed.  Yawn, stretch, [PoorWordUsage] and watch me fish for bit before wandering off to feed.  Bad photo but better n nuthin.  
    • I like the walnut one.   Crack the shell, add some water, wrap it in a wet paper towel, it germinates, keep in a sunny area, and then they show these magic walnuts.     I think they left out about 15 years.  LOL.
    • Finally, had a decent day.......or shall I say hour. Last week was a bust, one 3ish fish in 4 hours. I target bigger fish, so just avoiding the skunk can be challenging some days.   Just let out the hound and had a smirk appear on my face, I see It's full moon out there. That always helps. Got out on the water at 3:00 today, missed 3 out of 4 bites right away.   Changed up my retrieval speed and cadence and it was on..........for a few minutes. All my action occurred within the first hour of my four hour stint.   4 cookie cutter bass....... 3.87 lb 3.94 lb 4.12 lb 4.16 lb   Spot on spot, the two 4's were back to back. I'm running cranks.   Good luck out there. The Fattening is coming up soon.    
    • Thanks guys I will look into them.
    • No but he knows how to PM me next time! 😉
    • No leftovers???🤔 leech was over wasn't he!😂
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