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What is your lure pick for the first cast of the year?


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Now that we are actually getting close enough to count down the days until our first casts of the season, what do you think the lure will be that you will hook your first fish on?

Good Luck To All, Wormburner!
Buy a trailer,help support my fishing habit!

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I'll definitely have a couple tied on to different rods, but I'll probably outfit my gear like this:

7'0'' med spinning rod: 3.5'' tube - weightless or 1/8 - 1/4 rattle inserts (I'll probably have a couple rigs with rattles and different colors and ready to interchange).

6'6'' med spinning rod: Gotta have a senko in there somewhere smile.gif (natural colors in 3'' through 5'' range)

6'6'' med spinning rod: 1/8oz or 1/4oz buzzbait (I know it may sound weird, but some of those piggies will hammer those little buzzers in pre & post-spawn)

6'6'' med-heavy casting rod: jig & trailor (crawfish color schemes)

6'6'' med. casting rod: 1/4or or 3/8oz suspending rogue jerkbait (probably in silver or gold patterns)

I might change in a couple of different things on that first day worms or crawtubes, etc... but that's what will be rigged come casting time.

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i just love Terminator spinnerbaits in the spring... but i have gotten stuck in that same rut year after year... i would love some other ideas for early spring bass.. i am determined to learn to fish jig-n-pigs and plastics... any ideas on when, where, how and why to fish theses other lures and ditch the spinnerbaits and try something new???

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"Easy. Cold water? Suspending stick bait.
Also a rattl-trap looking for reaction strikes."

Agree but that is only good for 2 out of a total of 10 Rods Rigged. Also I will most likely open in WI.

1. Cordell Spot 7ft Crankin Stick
2. Rattlin Rogue 6'6" BPS Extreme
3. Flat Sided Crank 7ft Crankin Stick
4. 3/16oz Stike King Spinner Bait 6'6" Crankin Stick
5. Flippen Tube or Jig
6. Another Rattlebait or maybe a Topwater

1. Zoom Super Fluke
2. Zoom Trick Worm
3. Drop Shot Rig 3xNoodle or Yum Crawfish
4. Trick Worm??

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I carry six rods 4 baitcasters, and 2 spinning.
Baitcasters -
1.Black-n-Blue pig-n-jig
2.Green Pumpkin pig-n-jig
3.Top Water Spook
4.Husky Jerk

Spinning -
1.Texas Rigged Craw Tube
2.Carolinia Rigged Tube w/foam peanut to float / suspend

"Boy, I need some more rods"!
There are so many options left, Spinnebaits, Flukes, to name a couple. I guess I'll be retying some lures through out the day!

Good Luck To All, Wormburner!
Buy a trailer,help support my fishing habit!

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I don't know for sure what my first cast will be with, but i can tell you what i will have tied on all of my rods.

1. Spinnerbait
2. Suspending jerkbait
3. Jig and pig
4. Lucky craft sammy

Spinning rods
1. Senko
2. T-rigged tube
3. Super Fluke

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