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I'm trying to find some plaques for mounting tail fans


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I've got a half dozen tail fans that I'd like to finally get on the wall and I just cant find a plaque that I like. I prefer a wooden plaque that the fan sits in and holds the beard.

I am not savvy in woodworking or artsy things, or I would find a way to make some.

Where do you get your mounting plaques? I have 4 turkey fans and 2 grouse fans.

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I get mine from Fleet Farm or some other place online. I used to make my own but it got to be a too much of a pain. Quick, easy, not to much work.

I like simple mounts so I like these.




I will glue the beard into the brass of the shot gun shell and thread the spurs with some wooden beads of the same wood finish. Then attach them to the mount.

I like the consistency of the plaques because it really shows off the unique aspects of each fan when they're mounted together.

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I wish I was better at wooding working as well because most of them in the stores are boring and cheap!! I have two fans also waiting to go on something nice if I could find it! frown

Sounds like a new idea for PurpleFloyd to get into since he is a "woody" grin

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Try looking at some of the taxidermy supply places online. They have a lot of custom options if you're not into the simpler stuff. I used to make mine from walnut or oak but for some reason kids, work, other hunting, and fishing got in the way so I went the easy route.

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If you got to the deer classic there is a guy there that makes plaques of the state you want. I"m thinking of getting a couple of a few states I've taken birds from.

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I made mine and my daughters for our first turkeys this spring. I think they turned out great. I like the idea of making my own. It was work and took time but in the end it is satisfying. And I'm sure I'll never see any that look the same as these. Made of mahogany with a clear gloss polyurethane. My daughter can mount 7 more beards on hers on each of the flat areas on the bottom part of the plaque .full-36606-47994-image.jpg




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Do a google search of walnut hollow country turkey mount

They make nice real wood ones


I ordered mine from them on amazon as it was cheaper on there for some reason

They make ones without the picture on it if that's your style


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1 hour ago, rkhinrichs said:

I just do the salt thing and hang them! It's simple but works


I used salt mixed with some Borax and let them dry in the garage for a while pin fanned out to plywood up where no mice can get at them.

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I also use a salt/borax mix. Pin and dry on plywood. Once it's dry, I use either Bondo or two part epoxy to cover the tail butts (front and back). It keeps bugs away and also keeps the fan from curving as it ages.

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