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FLW Cheesehead's vs Minnesocold's

I think I will track this for the year as that MN an WI have 2 pro's each doing the full FLW Tour this year.

Scoring by combined total weight.

Lake Okeechobee Day 1
Team Cheesehead
TOM MONSOOR 10-11 Currently 92nd
CHRIS COX 3-13 Currently 191st

Team Minnesocold
JIM MOYNAGH 18-00 14th
KAREN SAVIK 5-06 184th

Looks like Minnesocold should take this one easily with a 10lb lead going into day two and Moynagh having a shot at the cut.

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Team Minnesocold takes the Big O

Team Cheesehead
112th Tom Monsoor 10-11, 8-12=19-07
173rd Chris Cox 3-13, 9-14=13-11

Team Minnesocold
39th Jim Moynagh 18-00, 9-04=27-04 $3,000
162 Karen Savik 5-06, 9-05=14-11

Advantage Minnesocold +8.13

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Well at the Atchalafaya Basin Team Cheesehead has erased the Team Minnesocold lead of and rocketed ahead and has the Top angler with two days to go.

Team Cheese head:
Day 1:#2 Tom Monsoor 16-06
#119 CHRIS COX 3-12 1
Day 2:#1 Tom Monsoor 16-05 Total 32-11
#133 CHRIS COX 3-04 Total 7-00
Total After 2 Days 39-11

Team Minnesocold
Day 1:#68KAREN SAVIK 6-15
#120Jim Moynagh 3-11

Day 2:#84KAREN SAVIK 4-05 Total 11-04
#108JIM MOYNAGH CARVER 5-06 Total 9-01

Total After 2 Days 20-05

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The FLW stop at Atchafalaya Basin was a good one for Team Cheesehead with there Big Gun Tom Monsoor being the only angler to fish all four days and missing 1st Place by a mere Ten Announces

Team Cheeshead:
Day 3:Tom Monsoor 12-06
Day 4:Tom Monsoor 10-09
Total for all 4 Days: 22-15
Team Total Day 1&2: 39-11

Team CheeseHead Tourny Total:62-10
Team Minnesocold Tourny Total:20-05

Equals a lead of 42-05
MN previous lead 8-13

Team Cheesehead advantage +33-08 OUCH!

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FLW is at a tough fishery this week. Old Hickory outside of Nashville, cold water, cold front, crowded fishing for highly pressured fish. Looks like another tourny where Moynagh carries MN's water.

Team Cheesehead Day 1
166. Tom Monsoor 0, 0-00
157. Chris Cox 1, 1-08

Team Minnesocold
160. Karen Savik 1, 1-07
45. Jim Moynagh 4, 8-14

Minnesocold Lead for day 1

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Well Ole Hickory is all over after Day 2 with neither the Cheddarhead Pro's or MNers getting into the top 10 cut. In fact Team Cheesehead got Totally Skunked on Day 2.

So Tournaments are now
MN 2
WI 1

Team Cheesehead
188Tom Monsoor 0, 0-00 Total 0, 0-00
185 -- Chris Cox0, 0-00 -- 1, 1-08

Total 1-08

Team Minnesocold
41 Jim Moynagh Day 2,7-13 Total 6,16-11
148Karen Savik 1, 4-03 -- 2, 5-10

Total 22-05

Team Minnesocold Wins Old Hickory by 20-13

Cutting Team Cheeseheads Massive lead to just 12lbs-11oz.

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