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Driving a motor home back from California and looking to pick up some fireworks on the way. Any suggestions on best place in the Dakotas to buy some?

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Border spots always have the best stuff and most competition typically, but I don't know about the Dakotas.

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Some of the biggest vendors are located in/around Sioux Falls. You'll fill a truck bed in sioux falls for the same $ it takes to fill a prius at any of the little border outposts along the SD/MN line. Some of those little stands are owned by Sioux Falls companies and they mark up the merch pretty high to take advantage of the out of staters jumping across the line. If your on the northern route across SD, mainly hwy 12, there are a few decently priced stands in Aberdeen, and Big Stone City isn't terrible either, but if your on I-90, Sioux Falls area is definitely the place to stop.

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A whole bunch just south of Sioux Falls on I-29 at the Tea exit 73 both east and west of the interstate, cant say how they compare for prices but they have quite a bit product.

Otherwise if your coming through on I-90 there is a few just south of the I-29 interchange at exit 83. Some other spots over on I-90 at exit 402 as well.

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I believe the one just south of I-90 and west of I-29 on 38 (west 60th street) is a hot shots fireworks store...red/white/blue building. Swung in there last year as I work near there for the first time and prices/selection seemed to be fair. One of their "deals" they were getting people to come in the door with last year was a 6 round mortor pack for $2.50....nice size packs....ended up buying 6 of them and the wife/kids loved them.

As Rundrave said, quite a few larger stands just south of Sioux Falls in Tea.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • They sell 10's of thousands of the 20lb tanks for grills. Ice fishermen are probably the biggest market for 5lb and 11lb tanks, so we pay a premium for them because we are a small regional market.
    • yep, expensive because they are hard to find. I just refill the one pounders. easy and cheap. 
    • Why are the 5 lb. propane tanks so expensive and hard to find. I've looked online for them and they are usually about $60. 20# tanks are about $40 full. Wanting to possibly stop using the 1lb. tanks for my buddy heater and go with a 5lb. tank that will last longer. Oh, and I'm on foot 100% of the time. 
    • I was using a Marcum Showdown 5.6 and loved it. Then my teenage son started fishing with me and he has taken over the Showdown. So, I bought the ice pack for my Lowrance Elite-5 from my boat. It's OK but I much prefer the Showdown.  The Elite-5 will act up at times and it really ticks me off. Now I'm looking for a Showdown for myself again. 
    • Anyone have the latest and greatest on Morson area ice conditions?  Pretty early yet, but it’s been awfully chilly out there.   Thanks!  
    • I went ahead and bought a tag since the FA season was going pretty slow in camp.  Then bang, bang, bang, bang... just like that we all have enough venison...   My season might just boil down to a few walks in the woods, checking things out that I’ve been curious about.  Just wouldn’t feel right not carrying my smoke stick with even though I probably won’t use it.   Premature tag purchase. 🤦‍♂️
    • Dang looks nice......I'm jelly.
    • Dave coming to get his grill off his truck and PurpleFloyed off his a$$!  😄    
    • I would need a forklift to get my a$$ off the picnic table after eating all those ribs.   😂
    • Dave, you can grill standing in the back of your truck!  We just have to have a pellet grill in the mix after we have heard so many wonderful things about them! Other then they weight a ton! 😄   Glad to see your back, you seemed to have gone to He!! for a while in that other thread over there!  😯