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What's your favorite type and size of line?


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As a former 90% walleye-only fisherman (and the rest just happened, except salmon) I started trying anywhere from 4 lb. to 12 lb. XL for Bass. (plus 8 lb. fireline). Recently I bought some 14 lb. vanish for my 6' medium spinning rod and 17 lb. Ironsilk for my new 6'6" medium heavy baitcaster (for the slop).

What do you guys suggest?

Kinda like putting the cart before the horse ain't it. First I buy then I ask...LOL!

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Power pro line. This is the second year using it and I am really happy with the performance. I use the 8 lb diameter line to get cranks down a bit deeper. Wish they would have the 10lb diameter. Haven't snapped a line, bird nests are minimal. Only time I lost a lure was a muskie hit, bit right thru the line. Still use mono for ultralight.

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Scott, I use 50# Power Pro on heavy action rods for flipping and slop. Right now my cranking rods have 17 mono, as I want to keep the rattle baits high in the water column and the deeper cranks need only go to 10-12 feet this time of year. I do stay with 17 mono (stren) on my worm rods all year. Hope it gives you some ideas.

Agape Fishing Guides

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Power Pro for Braided line. I like the 30 or 50 lb test for topwater slop. Also take a peak at longer rods wink.gif

P-line for floro/mono - spinning

Seagar 100% floro - baitcasting (don't put this on a spinning rod like I did, two words - Bird Nest)

My .02

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For baitcasters I like Power Pro 30# and 50#. I tried Fireline, then tried Power Pro, and there's no comparison. Power Pro is nice and limp which makes it easy to cast and seems to last way longer. Fireline is kind of stiff and deteriorates quickly. I also use 14# Trilene Premium strength on casters. It's a real nice mono that's got all the qualities: strong, castable, low memory, good knot strangth (just as advertised). Spinning I like Trilene XL and Sensation, both 10#.
But like most tackle and gear in this sport, a lot of it is personal preference. What works for me, may not suit your needs. I suggest to experiment until you find something that works for you.

Coach Dog

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