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MN River vs. Pool 2 Miss


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I have fished the MN river now quite a bit for Flats, and when I first started was having pretty good success, not only on numbers of fish but acutally pretty big fish. That being said in more recent years, those same areas that I used to fish, my favorite spots, seams etc dont seem to be producing fish, I try new spots in this same 15 mile stretch of river, and it doesnt seem to be panning out like it used to. Any thoughts? I only catch and release and am as gentle as possible, so it cant be my limited pressure. Now I see more trend on here anyways, for guys fishing the Mississippi P2 and some really nice fish. Is it simply better over there? Or just more pressure? How does that area compare to the mn river by Morton? I am for the first time considering fishing the Miss, never have for flats. I dont have a very big boat 15 ft with 25 hp. is that suitable for P2 flat fishing? Any tips, thoughts or ideas would be good to hear! I dont need locations, or mile markers, just general info please and thanks!

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both rivers will produce nice fish. for yrs i used to fish just the MN but the last few yrs ive started fishing p2 as well. seems as tho at times the MN will be hotter and then p2 will be hotter. so its kinda nice for both tobe about the same distance from my place.

i think they have about the same amount of pressure, but there is more river which potential can equal to more fish.

same spots as the MN will produce fish on p2. current seams, log jams, deep holes... but one thing p2 has that the mn does not is wingdam. wingdams are pretty easy to find, sum have bouys but apps such as navionics will help as well.

your rig will be fine, i know a bud that has a 14 jon with a 25hp and he fishes it often. just make sure all ur nav lights are on and a handhled spotlight handy. there are more pleasure boaters and barges out there

have fun and let us know how u do

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I too started fishing the MN. I fished it because it was much easier to "dissect" than the mississippi. Even though I lived 2 miles from the 494 ramp we always drove to Jordan. My experience told me this.......

There are more Flatheads per river mile on the MN.

TYPICALLY the Flatheads I catch on P2 are smaller than on the MN.

Good spots on P2 are further from each other than they are on the MN.

P2 you're less likely to take out your lower unit.

P2 is receiving MUCH more pressure than it has in the past.

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I think its all cyclical based on mother nature. Fish move, plain and simple.

So far it seems about equal this year as far as what I'm seeing for fish being caught by folks.

I still think if you want a better chance at a really big fish the MN is better as far as odds go, but the past few years I've caught more numbers on the Miss.

Personally, I just like to get out and try different things. The MN is down the hill about a mile from my house yet its fun to explore. Don't get your hopes up for P2 though, its basically the same, just different.

My opinion...

This higher water right now could bring some really good fishing to the MN in the next few weeks!

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Thanks all for the info and insight! I am looking forward to getting on the water! I see she is up pretty high with the rains, but some of my best luck has been in high water, so I guess we will see how it goes. I will make updates with my luck once we get out there. I always fish near Morton, have never tried further down river. I know ppl do well in that area as well, but I am more familiar with upstream. I may be going June 13 wknd as well as june 20 wknd now, so two trips in the future has me excited!

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FYI, there will be a lot of boats to compete with on P2 on 6/21. Just a heads up wink

...and the weeks prior to the Tourney, and the weeks following.... I'd look for less pressured fish for best results... The MN perhaps... smile

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I'd look for less pressured fish for best results... The MN perhaps... smile

We could have Aanderud do the math on square footage of river vs boats on the water. grin

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I get to fish tomorrow and Saturday! How bad is the river? I know its high most everywhere but is it manageable? Looks like a really good bite has been going. Going to try the mn in my old usuals and hope for luck!

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