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Baitcasters for docks


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Lots of good ideas on the dock bait post.
For all of you that have mastered the baitcaster for skipping under the docks how about a few tips for us backlashers on how to setup the reel and which rods work the best.

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Shimano Curado don't settle for any thing less! You got the 6 magnetic brakes on the rim of the spool they will be your best friend when it comes to dock fishing without getting backlashes. Most of the time I have 5 to 6 brakes on for docks. Braided line is the best for skipping not nearly as many back lashes vs mono also better strength.

Your still going to get back lashes no matter how good of a dock fisherman you are!

I like a 7ft rod my self but a 6 and half would do.

All you got to do is roll cast just like skipping a stone.

Do it where you have calm water.

The other thing would be start with a jig that has a flatter head and take the rattles off they don't help for skipping.

I like the all-terrain jigs for skipping or any that have a flatter head.

weed jigs can be skipped but not as easy.

I would say 50-65lb power pro nothing less when fishing jigs.

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The Curado does not have magnetic brakes -- the are centrifugal brakes. The Curado is definately an awesome choice for skipping docks. However, I choose to use the Team Daiwa-X series. They have a lighter spool, MAGNETIC brakes, and I think they are built better... I have burned through a couple Curado's already but not one Daiwa.

I have fished both Mono and Superlines for docks, and have found there are advantages and disadvantages to both. After doing this for about 5 years now, I have gone back to all Mono. I use 20LB P-line or P-line's 20LB florocarbin. A 7' rod lets you get your jig moving fast enough to skip. Be sure your rod has a HEAVY action, but is LIGHT in WIEGHT. A cheap heavy action rod that weighs a lot will hinder you.

The sidearm cast "like skipping a stone" is the easiest way to zing a jig, however, you can on do this at a limited angle and only one dirrection. Get used a pitching skip. Its harder, but you can do it in any dirrection and aim it wherever you want.

When skipping, think not of aiming for the front of the dock, but instead aim for the BACK or CENTER of the dock, and make sure your jig is close to the water. The rest will happen from there!

They key do successfully mastering dock skipping with a baitcasting rig is quality gear and a lot of practice. You are wasting your time and money if you do not put both those ideas into action.

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Thanks for correcting me, yes they are not magnetic. I wouldn't worry about burning a Curado up. I have owned and beat the tar out of these reels for many years.

I have sent a reel in from time to time when it starts feeling a little rough and I have never gotten charged, it's also in a timely fashion.

You can choose what fishing line would be the best, I just beleive your success will be far easier learning on a braided to skip.

Try both and see what you like the best, you will have alot less brake offs on docks with braid.

Fishing docks is so abusive on your line, and for mono it seems like it gets week to fast from rubbing chains, or any iron.

If your not getting knicks and memory in the line your not fishing a dock to its full potential.

You have to fish a dock like 5 other boats went through there. The farther you can skip the better.

Skipping with the pithcing technique works good especially with wind.

By far the roll cast will get you farther under and will put more fish in the boat.

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What I found is that even braided lines don't like chains and metal stuff ... all it does it frey it up and make it hard to tell how much strength is left in it. Either mono or braided would be great-- choose one and get used to using it. I also like mono because I think it is easier to thumb with precision.

Also, when fishing docks you may have a crazy homeowner on his property who thinks he owns the lake. Show these people respect, but at the same time let them know there are no laws against fishing docks, being within his dock line, or operating a trolling motor close to a dock. ALL water is public property. No one owns it. I had a guy tell me he was going to call the DNR on me for using my electric trolling within 100 feet of his dock. I told him (after he had thrown some nasty words and threats at me) "go ahead, but they might laugh at ya". Know the laws grin.gif

One other technique that may seem like suicide is pitching up and over the bottom of boat lifts into the middle of them but under the lifted boat. If you get a fish you will either have to go in there and grab him or try to get him up and over the metal bars. Not too many people throw in there, and more often than not there will be a dandy in there waitin for ya. Its better to have some chance at that fish than no chance at all.

Do crazy stuff like pitching over ropes, docks, polls, etc. Go all out. Remember your jig IS weedless, and if you pull it slowly, you can hop it over just about anything.

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Hole in Ice you are exactly right. Get your lure in the spot, don't worry about getting fish back to the boat until you after you set the hook.

Dunking your lure inside the boat lift is often the best cast on a dock, trying to get the fish is exciting too! I recently got lucky and was able to steer a 20 incher up and over the metal bars and into the boat, what a blast!

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    • 👍👍 yessirree.........mayhaps even from your back yard!!!!!!!!!!🤭🤗
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