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Night fishing LM


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I took my first mid night trip out on the lake this weekend. Almost a full moon and clear sky. We fished for a couple hours and caught several bass in the 15"-18" range (very nice size for this lake). All were caught on rubber frogs in areas where the moon light was not shaded by trees. Do bass bite topwater at night only during or near a full moon? It would make sense because of the light.

Fishing these bass at night was awesome! As soon as the frog hit the water you could hear the bass hit, but really had no clue if it hit your frog. Set the hook and hope for the best!

Does anyone strictly fish LM at night and what types of presentations/bait do you use?

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they hit top water most of the time also early morning or right before dark is the best time for top water what a rush when they hit the bait i like using a grey meadow mouse or a rubber worm in real weedy spots where are they hitting havent been out this year wanna get out

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Night fishing is a blast!

I fish at least 6 or 7 night tournaments a year for the past 18 years. I have had great success on crankbaits at night as well as buzz-baits, big pop-Rs, wood-choppers and like others have said, the "blade".

Equally as fun is the slower stuff like jig and pig (Super Pork "Sr. Frog"), brush-hogs, speed worms, 10" & 12" worms and 4" and 6" custom poured straight tail and shark style worms. (Did I mention 6" Senkos?) How I like fishing these "slower style" baits is with a flourescent line (P-line, stren, etc.), from #12 on spinning rods to #14 & #25 on bait-casters. I use a "Sloan" black-light (with suction cups) that makes the line look like an ocean cruise ship rope. You can really see that line move when you get bit. And believe it or not, I have had fish choose a watermellon color worm over a black w/ blue flake worm or oxblood instead of an all black color. I do believe that fish are color selective at night (not as much as during the day light, though).

I also use smelly scents on my "slower presentation" baits, both day and night. But I feel that this is a critical tool, especially in places that people have to use bug dope and sun screen. Some studies I have read say that these chemicals are dead give-aways to bass, so using the scents may mask the negative smells that cause bad bait breath.

Also from studies that I have read, bass have the ability to see 100 times better (or more) than we can because of there ability to absorb small amounts of light, something like night vision goggles. So they do not have to have any more than just star light to see by. They also use there lateral line for vibration likened to a bat or owl.

I have found that the full moon is a often a better bite, but I have also had great outings on new moon phases using buzz-baits and burning them as fast as I could to keep them out of the brush and weeds.

After that it all boils down to understanding the weather and how it effects the bass, you just have to have confidence in both yourself and the bait your using and you'll meet success!

Great Luck fishing,

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