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Where's the Bass fishin clergy?


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Yes, I am this past Fri, Sat, and Mon were very good and mostly on all new spots for me. On Fri I banged a 19.34",18.5,two17's and multiple 15-16's. Slop, Docks, and Inside weed lines.

On Sat. I fished a 4 hr. Pike tourny on Platte/Sullivan. We ended up 10th out of 51 teams, but probably would have been in the top five and in the money had my partner hauled the 1st bite of the day into the boat instead of fiddling with it on the side of the boat where it got off.

But I really smoked the Bass on Sat. Night in the Slop on Platte. My 5 best consisted of 19.25",19,18.75,18.50,18.25 all fat pigs; they had to be close to 20plus for 5 fish. I also had one more 18" and 5 that were between 17" and 18." (Also 4 little guys that went 15-17). Most of these fish came from one little area and all the big fish were on the Tournament Frog. I also have a witness and pictures. I thought for sure I was going to get a super sized 20plus monster from that spot, but no luck.

Then tonight (mon) I went out for two hours and laid the smackdown again on another totally new spot. I got 16 with only one of those being under 15, but most fish in this school were between 15 and 16 (about 5 were 15.25). My five biggest in this topwater frenzy were 18.5,two 18's, and 17.25 and 17.

I can't seem to find the 20" big dogs but it is kind of hard to complain because a Platte/Sullivan 18 is such a pig that many people would call a 19-20inch fish if they didn't measure them like I do.

All I got to say is the slop is Hot! (Provided that you find the right spot at the right time)

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Good to hear you're still breath'in! Keep posting 'cause some of us have to fish vicariously through you. Sooo... it's good to know we're having such a productive year. P.s. How's your health?

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I have improved a lot during the summer, but the heat really gets to me. I have tendency to over do it and then I am zapped for a few days. My dog has been the sick one lately, racking up about $650 in vets bills in the last two months.

BTW Who are you?

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The Platte/Sullivan are about 20miles west of the South end of Mille Lacs.

Get this, team bass just had a tournament here and there big bass was 6lbs15oz! No kidding I was at the weigh in. That Bass was 1 small sunfish in the stomach away from 7lbs.

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