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Has anyone fished this lake? Haven't been out there in over 20 years...ever since the Bobcat Bar used to rent boats. Looking online it looks like the lake is private now...don't know if there is any ramp or public access now. I'd love to get out there again. I'll never forget a crisp fall morning on the lake, fishing rapalas on the west shoreline - the sun illuminated the clear water in a way that you could see everything on the sandbars.

Feel free to comment or even share a memory of the Bobcat. Anyone remember all the 'mounted' hornet nests they had in the bar?

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I haven't driven the road in a long time. But Sieben Rd on the east side of the lake may still allow you access with a canoe or other small carry in boat. There is no public access. And no private access that I am aware of. You could also potentially do the same on the other side by the Crooked Lake access. Depending on the water level, you can sometimes drop a canoe in there at the back, swampy part of the lake. As of last year, I'm thinking that was probably not an option with as low as the lakes were.


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Muskyvic, I just signed up for HSO and saw your post. Family has had a cabin on Ham since 1970. Bobcat, wow, dropped many a coin in that joint over the years. It's really changed up there, still fish it several times a year, and love every minute of it.

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    • get lottsa oil sunflowers out. they will come.  Just has a fox sparrow fly in.  White thoats and song sparrows should be close behind. 
    • Scare some 50 miles north Eyeguy. 
    • Couple of questions/comments... Check the draw on your AC. I assume that 15amp @ 14 awg will be good enough, but would be good to confirm. Make sure to look at the draw at start up. Have you gotten the 12 ga THNN wire yet? Seems like a lot of the companies tend to oversell the gauge of the wire. It looks like you have overkilled the gauge requirement for most of your DC circuits (i.e. lights) which is good, but if you feel it is lightweight, you might want to step up your furnace and DC outlets again Hard to tell from the schematic, but you are running both ground and positive back to the source correct? I wouldn't start tying ground circuits together. Every connector that you put in a wall is a potential fail. Obviously it is unavoidable for items on the same circuit, but the schematic looks like you are tying grounds across circuits. Just a follow on to the previous comment.... Are you spray foaming or doing batts/foam board? We did spray foam "from the outside in" against the tongue and grove before we sided it. For that reason, we cut PVC and used it as a junction boxed and then taped the ends of the PVC before foaming. All connections occur in these boxes... that way we can get to them "if" some butt connector causes a problem or we need change out something (had a few hold lights fail, and this work awesome to replace) Are you putting your hole lights on a switch? Didn't see one in the drawing Are you using pancake style ceiling lights? I was wondering if you had the capability to turn them off individually if desired. Another comment on the same topic. We put in a 3-way for the ceiling lights so that we have one switch by the entry door and one by the back bunk.... Is definitely nice when the rattle reels go off at 2 am! These are just somethings that we did... along with some things that we should have did - but it looks like you have put a lot of thought into this. It is definitely easier to do things the right way first!
    • Usually first part of may they get here. Tons of finches here yet. And juncos and the regular wood peckers. Hopefully see some cool new ones soon. 
    • Any word on Orioles heading north yet? I'm still a sterile bird void at my feeders. 
    • I'm washing every wall and ceiling in the house .... and it's kickin my butt. Pass the Advil.  
    • Well, something is broken. These links should have worked. It's been strangly inconsistant this way all along. The 2nd and 3rd are from the Ben Harper video already posted so ... yea its broken. Too bad.   https://youtu.be/Wck03Y72340   https://youtu.be/4B-VMr2-228 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B-VMr2-228  
    • Interesting, I found some info online about it.   I went to Rosemount HS.  
    • waytekwire.com has great wire plus other supplies, and is local. Puts regular store wire to shame.
    • Was curious is all,  billy goat was the bridge on parkway. 
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