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Rod Length


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Just curious on your thoughts on how to purchase a daughter a fishing pole.
She fished her first tournament with me about a week ago and I have had her working with my baitcasters lately (she is doing well with the spinning equipment). My question is in the length of the pole.
I am only 5'7" and seems to me that the 6.5' is all that I am really comfortable with, I do own a 7.5' for the real big junk when I have to haul them out. What is a good rod for her first baitcaster(length) she is only about 5' tall, is there a general rule of thumb? Would a pistol grip or straight handle be better?
Thanks in advance.
(Ripp some Lip)


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For me I like the bigger handle. "Use two hands while learning" and I don't think I learned because all my bait cast rods have the big cork handle for two hands.

My 02 but I don't have any kids is to get her a 6' medium straight handle. So it's not to big yet not to small either.

She may want to pick out a rod - cool u got her into fishing smile.gif

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Definitely the long handle.
For a small person, they can put the butt of the rod in their midsection, and get much better leverage to yank out that lunker.
Pistol grip puts all the pressure of the fish in their hands.
Length will depend on how capable she is with a rod. My 6 year old son fishes with 6 and 6.5 foot rods. When he was small, he didnt like the Snoopy pole, and he wanted to use what I was using. Well, now his selection is all big rods, and he does great.
(He even has 2 baitcasters)

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