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crankbait colors


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I'm not a big crankbait fisherman. But, I've decided to give them more of a look this summer. I was just wondering what are some productive colors. Do bass typically react better to sunfish colors (yellow, green, orange etc) or baitfish colors (silver, black, gold etc). Also, what are some productive methods for covering water with crankbaits. When working weedlines, do you prefer casting parallel to the weed edge, perpendicularly toward the edge, or casting right in the weeds and ripping the bait through. Any info is appreciated.



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where does one beging.....
Colors, all 3 sets have there place: bluegill patterns, shad patterns, crawfish patterns. Matching the hatch is always a good bet. Both the bluegill & shad colors should work all year, but the crawfish tends to come on towards fall.

casting angles depends on the structure. Weed walls usually a parrallel type presentation works best. a tapering weed edge i would start with a 45< and vary it until you find what works best. if you have sparse weeds go ahead and rip it right through. Lipless cranks are hard to beat over a weed flat and ripping thru the tops for bass, walleye and pike.

Casting on weed or hard bottom points: i find its best to cast from all angles, and either be ticking weeds, rocks or bottom. Crankbaits almost always work better when it is coming into contact with the cover.

i hope this helps

Rather Be Fishing!!!

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My .02

As a general rule (always the exception though) natural colors for largemouth and bright colors for smallies. Match the hatch is a good bet to(copy right Hellbass). Like crayfish color on Mille Lacs in the summer on the rock flats. Smallies cut their heads on rocks sucking in crayfish.

I do like casting parallel to the weed egde, but mix it up like Hellabass described. You never know what direction they are facing (unless you're sight fishing)

Also, mix up your retrieve with pauses, twitches and speed. Hopefully you can find a pattern then you're set smile.gif

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