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Having problems with Jigs.
I am fairly proficient with the other baits-not a pro but good enough to have fun and catch decent fish. My question is how to use jigs. My homework for the summer is to build my confidence in these baits.
I went out Friday and threw jigs. Caught two fish. Now I hear and read that using jigs is a GREAT way to catch bass and good-sized ones too. I was throwing them in 4-12 of water into the weeds and pockets. I tried different ways of working them too. Jigging them back off the bottom, letting them sit there and quivering them, everything. Two fish.
Am I fishing these jigs right? I had a fun fishing them but my confidence isn't gaining.
Any advice on how to work them would be greatly appreciated.

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Jigs are great baits - I assume you are talking jig and pigs. But I would say that there are better baits to actually find fish. Once I've located a concentration of fish, then I would say a jig is a great tool and it does catch some big fish, that's for sure..
My tip would be to start using them up shallow near docks and just get some bites and gain some confidence. Then start to expand where you use them. Once you've got some confidence and can really feel the bites and what they are doing, jigs are an awesome tool.
Good luck

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Thanks for the tip!! I am in fact talking about the Jig and Pigs. Now my next step is to figure out how to fish them. What do I actually do? Bounce them off the bottom, drag them on the bottom? Do I let them sit on the bottom for a bit and “quiver” them? What size should I be using? What kind of trailer should I use with it? How big a trailer? I suppose the fish dictate that. I am very inexperienced using these but am very eager to learn.
Like I said before, I really enjoyed tinkering around with them on Friday but I’m just not sure how to use them. I don’t know what size, color, shape or even the kinds of trailer (plastic) to use with them.

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I would start off with a smaller jig - bitsy bugs in the 1/4 ounce sizer are great. You'll get more strikes with them than you would a bigger jig. The most common jig size is 3/8 ounce and a good all around size, but I often throw a 1/2-ounce jig in deeper water or whenever I want a faster fall and bigger bait - like when you've got active fish.
As far as fishing them - that also depends. Fishing docks, I'd say cast it near or skip it under there and let it drop to the bottom and just let it sit for a second or two. Once you've kind of figured out where the fish are positioned on the docks, you may just pitch it underneath, quiver it a few times, and bring it back for the next cast.
Many times bass will hit the jig on the fall - so watch your line. It pays to experiement with retrieve styles. When fish are active, you can't beat a quick pump and drop. Try swimming it, also. Tough conditions are prime for deadsticking the jig in high percentage areas.
As far as trailers, I usually use a zoom chunks. You want the jig to be balanced with the trailer. And remember that a bigger trailer will give the bait a bigger appearance and slow the fall.
Hope that helps.

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As far as a retrieve Bill Dance said to hop it once, then pause, then swim it (like hopping but don't hit the bottom) then pause and repeat. When a fish hits it try to remember what part of the retrieve it hit on. Then you can focus on that.

I too don't have much confidence in jigs, but when my buddy is catching more and bigger bass than I was I had to start. My confidence is building, but I have way more confidence in a plastic worm than a jig.

I know, I need to change, but I need a boat to.

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