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Crankbait Rod


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I am looking to buy a baitcasting rod specificly to throw crankbaits. Any suggestions, I am primarily going to use it for bass fishing but I also would like to use it for trolling for Walleye. So far I have decided on a 7ft. I would like a rod that I can throw lures all day with that will be easy on my hands and wrists. Looking for something under $100. Would you think that you would want a more flexible rod or a stiffer rod?

I just bought some of those Rapala DT16's and can't wait to try them out.


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I'll throw you my .02 on crankbait rods. I really like glass-composite rods for really one reason, you don't lose as many fish. I use a 7 foot glass rod that Fenwick use to make. I fish river smallies a fair amount and they are notorious for blasting the bait right next to the boat. The glass gives you some wiggle room with pschotic fish at short range. And, they're OK for trolling. No big danger of busting them when you hang in the rocks and can't hit the free spool.

However, there are some drawbacks. These rods will wear you out while throwing big-lipped baits. Your casting accuracy is poor, but that's not usually a big issue while cranking. And, they seem to promote some of the most amazing backlashes you've ever seen. I'm talking about those backlashes that happen after the bait has flew about 15 feet.

But, a fish in hand is better than booting two on the way back to the boat.

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I love the Bass Pro Shops Crankin Sticks. I don't have the new version which I am sure is the same only with thinner and lighter blanks. The BPS handles are my favorite. Cyberfish likes Cabella's all Glass sticks.

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