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Bass out of Milfoil mats


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Another technique question:

I hear two theories about milfoil bass. Catch them along the edge of mat (which is easy to find with a depth finder).

Or, catch them in the foil by fishing beneath the milfoil canopy.

My questions, then: What do use use to break the mat (heavy jigs, texas rigged worms, etc.) and how do you fish that jungle effeciently (ie: not snagging every cast, etc.)? Are you using heavy line and stiff bait casting rods. How can you jig well, when line is hanging on weeds?

Thanks for your help, all. I hope winter is treating you well.


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Most of the lakes i fish don't have milfoil in them so i don't know from experience. However, i read an article in bassmaster magazine about some guys down south who use a modified dropshot rig to fish mats of hydrilla. They use a heavy bell sinker tied to the drop line to break through the mat and then fish a soft plastic bait above the sinker at the depth that the fish are holding. Sounds like a good idea, the only thing is you are limited to making only short pitches so you can present the bait correctly. The article is in the november 2001 issue of bassmaster.

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Fishing millfoil is not easy but once you learn it you will never leave it. Yes you have to use heavy weights I use 1/2oz to 1oz jigs and bullet sinkers. I use a G-Loomis 844 (7'0" heavy) it has a fast tip, alot of backbone to get the fish out of that mat and sensitive. You always get snagged so you have to rip that bait out. After a full day your arms are tired. First of all you have to learn how to read your electronics in the millfoil. You look for deppressions, rocks, transition from soft to hard bottom any change in the bottom, holes in the mat. Make short flips you are almost vertically jigging. This type of fishing takes alot of time on the water and concentration to your surroundings. As for the edge here is a rule of thumb, cloudy fish the edge sunny fish in the mat this is not always true but think like a bass.

Good luck hope i helped a little

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Milfoil what a jungle!

when milfoil is thick most people prefer a broom stick for a rod Heavy actiom 7ft and longer preferablly. I use 50lb through 80lb power pro for any situation. I would have to say if your using mono no less than 17lb.

Its a great strategy but you need patience to get there. I love fishing the mats. I prefer to fish heavy weed style jigs. The weed sneak head dives through the weeds a little better withou hanging up. Most times your cast will be no longer than 15 feet. This is when your fishing right it in it where you can see visual pockets and holes. Somtimes you have to throw your bait with the rod tip as hard as you can to break through the top mat, Picture throwing a rock straight down as hard as you can on the mat. Sometimes you will need to do it several times to get through.

I'ts a differnt style of fishing tidius yes. Those who are proficent at this technique do very well.

The outside edge you can throw a variety of baits because your not in the thickest stuff. Crankbaits, carolina rigs, jig worms, ect...

That milfoil that is a couple of feet under the water I personally struggle with more because I cant see the holes to place my bait in.

One big key to fishing this thick jungle is making sure that you are constantly watching your line to jump or twitch. Yes it's harder to feel what is going on down below. Power pro helps alot being there is no stretch you can feel a little more.

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I usually start on the edge, agian becuase these fish seem to be easier to catch for me... If that isn't working I will pull up inside. Yes its just like certicle jigging, short flips, jig it a few times next spot.

I have done some dropshotting also like was said earlier with success, but this workd best when the milfoil was on the top, not the stuff that is a foot or 2 below the surface.

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