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Bacon without cure- Help!

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I have always used a dry rub for bacon, but since I got a packet for a wet brine, I thought I would try it.

Last weekend mixed up a batch of LEM wet brine for 25# of bacon. Today, as we are pulling the bellies out of the brine, we find a packet of cure in there. The cure was unopened. I thought for sure I put in the cure, but now I am second guessing myself. If I did, it would mean they put 2 cure packets in the seasoning and I missed one. So, I am not really sure if I added it.

The temp was kept between 32-38 degrees all week. I smoked it to 146-150 today.

I also did a dry rub on about 6#. The two bellies look different in color. Not sure if that is because of the wet vs. dry or not.

What are the repercussions, if any to not adding the cure? Do I need to change eating/storage methods or anything?? Is it safe to eat?

Thanks for any and all help!!!

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If the cure was in there the meat should be a pink color, I screwed up a batch of summer sausage last year ( wasn't watching what the guys were putting in the mix, assumed they knew ) and it wasn't the same. I'm guessing your wet brine didn't have it. It should be OK because your cooking it. Only one way to find out grin You may want to stock up on TP just in case

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