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2 or 3 inch vanes? What kind?

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I am re-vaning my Carbon Express 300cx arrows myself. I have 3 inch vanes now. 3 inch vanes seem to work fine. Any reason I should go to 2 inch? I do not take shots at anything over 30 yards. If you have re-vaned arrows, what manufacturer of vanes would you put on whether it is 2 or 3 inch. Pros and cons of the kinds you have used? Best glue for Carbon? Am I overthinking this? At 30 yards is it going to make any difference? Looking forward to your responses.

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SOme of the considerations that go into what type of vanes you shoot comes form knowing what type of arrows and broadheads you shoot. The heavier the arrow and the larger the broadhead means you should shoot a higher profile vane. 2"-3" doesn't really matter all that much since the 2" vanes are typically taller than the 3's. My old setup used 5" vanes and I liked them except they are a little too long for my short brace height bow. The vanes sit in the rest.

Which type of glue depends on which type of vanes you shoot. The long flexible rubber vanes do just fine with old-fashioned superglue. I've fletched hundreds of arrows that way.

This past winter I switched to the 2.3" Norway Fusion vanes and they are a little different material and a little stiffer. The superglue didn't hold that well for them so now I'm trying the Bohning Platinum glue. Its more of a slow-cure epoxy style glue. The batch I just did seemed to set up alot better and don't seem as brittle. I will have to see how durable they are in the coming weeks.

Honestly, I would say if you like what you've got, keep it. If you want to change, go for it. I tinker with my setup all the time. Not because its broke, but because I like to putz around. I think fletching your own arrows is a fun hobby and an easy way to save money in the long term.

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I am kind of like powerstroke, I like to tinker with my archery equipment.

I have tried mostly the 2" type of vanes, but almost every style.

Did the glue and fletching all the time, but now with the new Hot water shrink wrap type, I am sold.

2" Twister type with attached 5" wraps and I am golden in a few minutes.

By the way these 2" vanes spin my arrows and broadheads (The Rage 2 blade) just fine and I shoot quite a bit of long range in the summer out to 100 yards.

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Thanks for he info guys! I'm still up in the air, but online seems the way to go. Way cheaper, more color options(mix and match) , more manufacturer options!

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online on e bay for my vanes. duravanes have been just fine. 100 for 15 bucks and mix up colors. cheap city. 3 inch and gorilla glue gel. I prefer the 3 inch since they are lower and less chance of contact with something. Lotta options out there to try. have fun smile

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