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Huge Bass

Havin' Fun

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Well, I've been reading all these posts on big bass and I thought I knew what they looked like until last night. I caught and released a 22" that likely went 6+ lbs! This fish hit a bucktail!!! This thing was just a fat pig.

I realize I'm bragging, but if you have ever caught or seen a bass this big, you might too. This probably doubled in size my previous biggest bass.

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awesome...isn't it, I caught 2 bass last summer close to that size, both off the ottertail river, unbelievable fight in that current, the 2nd I caught it top water then jumped 5 or 6 times as I brought him in, he weighed in at 5 1/2 lbs, unbelievable.

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Yes I would certify a 22" as a big/trophy class fish. Almost no doubt it was over 6lb.
Here's how I score em.
18" Nice Bass
19" Big Bass
20" Hawg
21" Trophy Size
22" Huge Fish
23" Get it weighed possible State Record
24" This could be the magic 10, definitly get it weighed.

PS I'm going with legitimate length: mouth closed tail pinched nose against measuring board. To hold a fish next to a ruler can be deeiving if one isn't careful.

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Congratulations on your big'en. Too bad you didn't have a scale. Here is a little more info however. The DNR measurement chart for Largemouth puts your fish at 6.6 lbs if it was exactly 22 inches. 6.14 lbs if it was 22 1/2 inches. 5.145 lbs if it was
21 1/2 inches.
These are measurement lengths of the average size of a female largemouth during mid summer. Early spring they will weigh more, post spawn they could weigh a little less, and then again in fall they could weigh more. Just thought you might want a little more pinpoint on what your fish weighed.
A 6 1/2 lb Bass is a wonderful thrill to catch. Here's hoping you released Her, but no hard feelings if you didn't. Everyone deserves to mount a trophy.


By the way where did you say you caught Her at????????

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Thanks for the info and the congrats. I'm now realizing just how big that fish was. By the way I did release the fish. It would have made a wonderful mount, but felt better releasing it. It was caught on Lake Sallie in Detroit Lakes area. This lake is not really known for big bass, but I can tell you there is one big one in there.

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