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Been a walleye guy all my life...making my first trip to Vermilion in July. My son from New Orleans is joining me. I would love for him to experience some of the smallie action I've read about...I have never caught one, not even by mistake!! Can an old eye guy be taught a few basic smallie techniques and presentations...thanks so much, in advance, for all your help...this HSOforum is just great

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You'll get replies here from the local experts, but a general run that seems to work for me it to look for structure and habitat more suited to walleyes than to bass (largemouth, that is). Work the rock points, rocky reefs, and sunken island drop offs. Mepps spinners, tube jigs, jig-minnow combos, all work. For trolling, try Shad Raps (perch color, fire tiger, chartreuse), and work same areas as above.

If you can get them, crawfish have been my best smallmouth live bait -- whether in Lake Erie, the Mississippi, or Canadian shield lakes. Otherwise, crawlers, leeches, and shiners do the job.

Smallmouth are more fun than just about any other freshwater fish. Have a ball.

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Hi Tweet,

You may want to ask your question directly on the Vermilion board. The local guides seem very willing to share tips on how and where to fish Vermilion. I too am looking forward to catching smallies on Vermilion in mid-July. Good Luck!

Fish On!
Lew of Kasson

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