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500 sportsman ho blows smoke


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2004 sportsman599 blows smoke.. kinda bad espically when the rpms get up there... it has allways used a little oil and dealer said that was normal.. well I did not believe him! no I am not sure hwat is going on... it gets worse as you rev the motor up... not sure if someone put diffrent oil in it or not but I changed the oil and put new stuff in there since the four wheeler is at my parents house and they use it alot... any ideas on this problem.. where to start? Where is the crank case breather tube at.. sould that benn plugged since new?
anyone around Sandstone are want to fix it for me? NOt much time on my hands unless it is simple fix.....

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All engines will use oil between oil changes, that is normal but no blowing smoke out the pipe. Normal vescosity break down will cause oil to disapate. It the machine over filled with oil. They only hold about 1.8 quarts. Are you using the polaris 0w40 oil. I strongly recommend that this oil be use for it is a full synthetic oil. And due to tight tolerences of the polaris fuji motor. only a full synthetic is recommended. If the machine gets used alot on gravel roads the dust will blow by the paper air filter. which will cause a sand paper action on the piston rings and cyclinder that causes the rings to pematurly wear out causing blow by. If that is the case the top end of the motor will need rebuilding. The closest dealer to sandstone thast I can think of is in pine city should you need to take it there. Its right on 61 across from the DQ. Hope this helps. Thought of this today, it's not getting mixed fuel put in it is it?


ride safe, wear a helmut, stupid hurts

If you get'em serviced, wash'em first.

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