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'01 Artic Cat 250cc 2wd

Dan Thiem

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I have a question and I hope I'm in the correct forum.
Our '01 2wd 250 Artic Cat bogs on accel and pops and backfires, It idles good but don't accel. Anybody got any ideas what could be wrong? It's been running great up untill now. It's got gas and it's got a clean air filter. The gas runs out of petcock fine so I dont' think it's a fuel problem.
Any advice would be greatly apreciated.

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does the machine run better when cold?
Or does the problem occur at all engine temps?

I have seen the occasional jet needle stick up inside the slide. You could also have a bit of dirt in the jet needle or partically plugged pilot curcuit. Even though it idles fine. Another issue could be your valve lash. When was the last time you had a tune up done? You could also have a partically fowled spark plug. or the igniton coil could be breaking down on it. Any way ic tould be a number of things, but most likely it's in the carb. or the valves. Good luck.

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Thanks Sled,
This has happend once before.I took it in to our dealer in Mazeppa and they fixed it.Reasonaby priced too.Around $75.00.
I was the one riding it this time when it happened. I went around a bumpy corner and tried to give it gas and thats when it happened. The unit was warm and running great at the time. I might just take it back again but their hours make it hard for me to get there while they are open.

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once you get the problem taken care of, you might want to consider putting an in line gas filter in to help keep out tiny junk that can bring even the most reliable machine to it's knees.
simple and cheap. in fact the person who will work on it for you would probably do it for you for cheap as long as they have the machine already.
just a thought.
good luck, jigglestick

an "all chapters, charter member" jigglestick I.B.O.T.#5
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