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Carver County Ditch Riding Question....


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Howdy All...

After talking to the county and state, as well as the DNR, I was all set for a nice little ditch ride. Everyone I talked to said that Carver county had "no special regs in regards to ATV ditch riding". And that "they just go by what the state regs are".

THEN.... I hear from a friend of mine that his buddy got a ticket (from the state patrol) for ditch riding in Carver county. This was later confirmed first hand.

Can anyone cast some light on this? Is ditch riding legal in Carver county?

M-H (aka: Dan)

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Hi mopho...

I did exactly that. I was told that Carver county follows the same rules as the state. Nothing special. Follow the state regs and you'll be fine.... Don't you mean FINED?!! mad.gif

So I call and get the okay from the county and take a little spin. Then the state boys show up and whamo.... It's ticket time.

If the county sheriff says I can, and the state patrol says I can't.... Who do I listen to? And if Carver county is correct, how do I prove it to who ever is conduting the state "donations" program that day?

I'm confused...... confused.gif

M-H (aka: Dan)

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Moose-Hunter, did you ever get any more clarification on this? Just bought a Quad and would like to be able to get to my favorite lakes from home and do a little touring with my wife.

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Hey Tman...

Try as I might, no one can give me a straight answer on this. City says talk to the county, county says talk to the state... And when I did, I got conflicting information.

I'm still waiting on a few call backs, but I'm not holding my breath there either.... Wish I had more to tell you...

M-H (aka: Dan)

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Thanks MH. I printed out the MN DNR regulations and will carry the relevant pages on the ATV so if someone stops me I have them for reference. However, even those are confusing for the 7 county metro area's do's & dont's.

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I'm only going by what I heard from this guy and what I think I read in the DNR HSOforum. The two sections on page 17 contradict each other in a way.....


In the seven-county metro area,you may ride:
• on your own land
• on land other than your own,with written
or verbal permission of the landowner,
occupant or lessee
• on land posted with signs specifically
permitting the use of off-highway vehicles.

Where You May NOT Ride
Also see specific sections for additional restrictions.
You may not operate an off-highway vehicle:
• on the median of a four-lane highway
• within the right-of-way of any interstate highway
• on the right-of-way between opposing lanes of traffic
• at airports
• on unfrozen public waters that are lakes,streams and rivers
• on any frozen public waters where you dont have legal access or
where its prohibited
• in most state parks,state recreation areas,state historic sites,
wildlife management areas,or state scientific and natural areas
with the exception of posted trails and areas
• in any areas,including streets,restricted by local ordinances or

in a tree nursery or planting area
• on state forest lands that are posted or designated closed to
motorized uses (see pages 21 –23)
• on agricultural land without permission (see page 26)
• OHMs and ORVs cannot be operated in ditches unless on a
designated trail.See diagram on page 7.

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Carver County would fall into the agricultural zone and that MAY be where some county officials are not sure what's what. If you call again, ask specifically if they're talking agricultural dates or not.

I have not heard that Carver county has banned ATVs from ditches.

From the regulation book:

Agricultural zone means the areas
in Minnesota lying south and west of
a line along the following highway
rights-of-way: starting at the North
Dakota border, the line goes east along
State Highway 10 to State Highway
23, then follows Highway 23 east to
State Highway 95, which it follows to
the Wisconsin border. The agricultural
zone referred to in this guide applies
only to ATV use.

Agricultural zone restriction:
You may not drive an ATV within the right-of-way (ditch) of a state or county road from April 1 to August 1 in the agricultural zone. This does not apply to ATVs licensed and used for agricultural purposes.

Moose Hunter, maybe this is the time frame when your buddy's friend got his ticket.

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Just spoke with the local Sheriff, he said that it is illegal in Carver Co. to ride in the ditch, becasue they follow the State laws. State laws say that in the 7 county Metro you cannot ride in ditches....$%#*&@, how do we get that changed? I mean come on...

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The ticket was issued in mid to late august if I remember correctly...

So, from what I've read here, in the manual and heard from the powers-that-be.... With the ag zone laws, Carver county being within said zone, ditch riding is legal but only if it's posted permitting ATV use?

Does this sound about right?

M-H (aka: Dan)

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The way I read it, riding in ditches is legal except during the agricultural period; unless it's a desiganted trail in which you can ride any time.

Remember, Washington county is in the 7 county metro area and riding ditches was legal there until the county itself banned riding in ditches.

I think we'll have to do some more work on this one to make sure we understand it correctly...LOL

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