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argo info?


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has anybody out there have any experence with the argo type atv's for ice fishing
do the handle snow and ice well I/m looking to buy a new rig this fall and any suggestions would be helpfull

Rod-man <'})))><~~~~~

be safe and share the water

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An Argo isn't that great in snow without the track kit, IMO. I tested an eight wheeler without the tracks and was stuck in about 14-inches of snow. With the track kit on, I walked right through 14-inches and deeper snow. Fun to drive.

For the money, I'd think about an ATV and add the track kit for it. I think that'd be more versatile using than an Argo.

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i agree with dave, you need the track kit on an argo to do well in the snow, and a fully equiped 8x8 argo with tracks, cab etc will set you back around $14,000!! can buy to atv's and put mat tracks on one of them for that kind of $$!!
the benefit to an argo that i can see is if you were to go thru the ice, it will float much better than an atv will. also, you get a heated cab on the fully loaded model.

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