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Single to 2-up Conversions: Legal in MN?


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Howdy folks...

I was at a dealer yesterday and saw a little gizmo that is basically a wrap-around storage box with a seat back and grab handles built into it. When I asked about it, the sales guy proceeded to tell me that if you use something like this and add footpegs, it's 100% legal in MN for 2-up riding...

Is this fact, fiction, or just ramblings of a fool?

(BTW... I, for one, do not believe this is true...)

M-H (aka: Dan)

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You may carry kids up to the age of 16 if I remember right. Plus the passanger must be seated in front of the driver, not behind like some riders do. Only problem with that is can you imagine having your 14 year old sitting in front of you while you are trying to drive.

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KB, where did you hear the youth has to sit in front of the driver? I don't think that's true at all.

A smaller child may sit in front of the driver, I have done that with a child. But, there's no way even my 10 year old could sit in front of me while we ride, let alone a 15 year old.

"State law prohibits a person from operating
an ATV with more persons on the vehicle than it was designed to carry. Generally, ATVs are not designed to carry passengers.
The only exception to this regulation: an adult parent or guardian may operate an ATV with one child under 16 years of age as a
passenger provided the child wears a helmet."

[This message has been edited by Dave (edited 08-05-2004).]

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Trust me on this one, it is not legal to have any one over 16 years old as a pasanger on any ATV that is not designed for two up and it can not be called an ATV either.It has to be designated a OHV, this is direct from a friend who is a CO un in Grand Rapids area.

Dave has the info right as well, that quote came right from the regulations.

Those fancy looking rear cargo box's with the seat made into them are a sales gimic.If you call the manufacture and ask if it was intended to be used as a passanger seat the reply will be no!They were designed for the driver to strech out or to sit in when the ATV is at a stop.

Now if you live in a state where passangers are legal, thier reply changes to yes it is a seat.


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