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Heading to Cabin for Christmas

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We're leaving this afternoon to the cabin for Christmas. Besides fishing and hunting openers it's my favorite time of the year there. We cut down a Charlie Brown like tree, decorate it with whatever we come up with including a star cut from cardboard and wrapped with foil.

The kids go sledding, read books, fish a bit and we play games. It's almost like Little House on the Prairie. Very little electronics while we're there. It's a magical time of the year.

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A few more issues than normal. Had an issue with the heat and a pipe was frozen in the basement on arrival. Luckily I was up a few days before the family and had it fixed by the time they got their. I learned I can wash my hands with 1.5oz of water and that going number 1 outside at night when it's -20 degrees is refreshing.

Lost a bolt on atv battery when trying to hook up battery tender, very rare bolt to find over a holiday. Nephews helped push atv on trailer so I could bring it home.

Snowmobile belt issue. Once again nephew to the rescue...

Won some money at pull tabs to offset plumber cost. Spent great time with family. Thinking about selling all gas powered equipment and only using snow shoes, canoes, and hand augers. Shot a Christmas grouse on the 25th!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Thanks, that is exactly what is needed.  But of course my mom wouldn't let me look at the chairs tonight so that's that.  
    • Those sticky felt pads?
    • Maybe this?   https://myeasyparts.com/epd_english/chair-glides-furniture-glides/adjustable-leveling-glides/sofia-leveling-feet-glides/leveling-adjustable-feet-1-38-base-diameter-716-x-1-by-12-stem-sofia-style-a-63de.html    
    • Red neck fix- take a belt sander and sand a flat spot in the caters so they won’t turn and you are set
    • What you want exists. I used to work for a company that produced a standing chair and I saw parts like that. The trick will be sourcing them in the quantity you need. might want to check with Grainger or McMaster-carr.   How about splurging on your Mom and getting her a new table and chairs set? Might be easier.😀
    • The legs are fairly long/wide rectangular and so I don't see this type of thing working.  What I would really like would be some sort of device that had the shaft but a flat piece of plastic rather than the casters.  But I've never seen anything like that.
    • Couldn't you pry them off with a channel locks and put a rubber chair-table leg cap on them?   
    • Mom just got wooden flooring installed in her kitchen.  The chairs she has have casters, the ones with the shaft that gets inserted into the sleeve on the bottom of the leg.  We'd like to get something was just a flat piece that wouldn't move so easily.  Concern is that the 93-year-old will take a tumble if the chairs moves as she sits down.  
    • It was a flooded camper to start.  $400 basically I paid for a rolling shell.  Here is Iowa not much ice yet, Okoboji should cap tonight.  So hopefully in a couple weeks we will be fishing.  Im wiring it tonight and insulation late this week.  Hopefully we will be done before the 1st of the year or so.   
    • When I built my wheelhouse 5 years ago I wanted total wheel alignment capability. I designed my axles around bolt on wheel hubs with ability to compound shim achieving correct camber and toe. Saw way too many boat trailers with serious worn tires due to hubs welded to axels. (Tire in photo attached to 2x4 was used during build so I could cut the grass.)
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