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Which used ATV for ice fishing?


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I'm looking for a used ATV under $3500 for ice fishing. I've got a Scheels 3 man portable, Jiffy auger, Aquavu DT, LX3, heaters, etc. to tow out with it. How important is full-time 4x4? How about getting stuck and a winch, neccessary? Blade? Automatic vs. manual shift? Cold starting? I use a Garmin GPS V, do they work in the cold? So many toys, so many questions and so little "on the ice" research time frown.gif.

I'd be happy to hear your idea's and experience. If you know where there is a good used ice fishing ATV I'd be interested in seeing/buying it.


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If your looking in the $3500 range .. I wouldnt be too worried about extras to start with. You start talking blades and winch's you might find an old chain driven machine that has seen many better days, but the price is driven up by accesories.

Some ground clearance is nice for snow.. but at the same time, most machines are close to the same these days... hard to justify the amount of clearance unless you can control the amount of snow... we know thats not going to happen.

4 wheelers get around pretty good in the snow, even with 2 wheel drive... tire chains can be of great help, tire studs are priceless when its icy conditions. True 4 wheel drive at times can be worth its weight in gold. I wouldnt have a machine without it(locking front) now since I have it. Your choice of tire will be one of the largest factors for snow(and mud) in considering how well your machine will perform ... good aggressive tires you will find yourelf pushing far less.

Plows are great for clearing the driveway and sidewalks.. They do have limitations on deep snow and snow pack on lakes.. but can be useful at times. A winch doesnt do you much good unless you have something to hook the cable to. I find them more useful in the woods where you have lots to anchor to... On a lake .. what is there to hook to? By the time a vehicle pulls up to hook to a tow rope is more useful.

Find yourself a decent machine.. you can get the extras later. For winter riding.. a $100 windshield can be the option you will appreciate most.

Keep in mind, you dont need a 700cc machine.. in most cases, a 300cc machine will suit most peoples needs just fine. They are lighter, more fuel efficent, and way easier to handle if you are *solo* and run into a situation(stuck, loading, etc).

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