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add on passenger seat?


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Hi all - I saw an add-on passenger seat on an atv at a rest stop not too long ago - it bolted to the rear rack, and had hand holds and footpegs for the passenger. I can't remember the brand name, though...

Does anyone know the manufacturer of this seat?


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Manufacturer is Kimpex

Legality depends on what state your in. In Minnesota this seat is only "technically" legal for a passenger under the age of 16.

However, as with everything; whether the sheriff or CO will ticket you (or even stop you) depends on a lot of other things. Like where you're riding, how your riding (i.e. fast and spinning cookies vs ma and pa putting across the ice at 15 mph pulling their ice fishing gear.), and what kind of a day the officer has had before he met up with you.

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The law states it is ilegal to ride pasangers at all on an ATV in Minnesota.I don't think they have any exceptions for the little ones.I could be mistaken, but I seem to remember being told by my friend who is a CO that they will ticket you for it.

I think it may also be a federal law about it as well, but there I don't know for sure.As I have not read all the federal laws governing ATV's.I just seem to remember that the feds wrote it in a law because of all the accadents way back when the trikes were banned.


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State law prohibits a person from operating an ATV with more persons on the vehicle than it was designed to carry. Generally, ATVs are not designed to carry passengers.
The only exception to this regulation: an adult parent or guard-ian may operate an ATV with one child under 16 years of age as a passenger provided the child wears a helmet.
Thats From The 2004 Book

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