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Was able to use my plow for the first time this morning. What a blast!
I got the green light from our neighborhood association to clear the walking paths. I didn't want any trouble in case my driveway wasn't enough to entertain me). My thumb got a little cold, but had a great time. Had a restrain myself with the speed. In case someone was watching rolleyes.gif

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TV BOY, Get yourself some hand an thumb warmers for that machine. You'll never want to get off it with them on.

ride safe, wear a helmut, stupid hurts

If you get'em serviced, wash'em first.

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I can't wait to get home and plow too!!!

There is a lot of hype on the MN DNR Forum especially, about ATV's and threats to ban them here and there and everywhere.
I think I have about all the fun I want on my ATV just plowing my dumb driveway.

Benny is doing a great job of posting events that could impact ATV'ers on this site. You should see the fights over in the MN DNR Forum. Oh my god. You would think the world is ending. Its actually very entertaining that so many people lose sleep over some of the stuff. Man, ride sensibly, don't rip up your neighbors yard, and by all means have fun. (As long as its not hurting someone/something else you're probably OK)
Oops. Lost track of the topic. Sorry.

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