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"BANNING ATV'S, might as well buy a 2X4 ATV!!


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It's almost a un-revrseable thing thats going on with the do's and don'ts and won'ts and you will-nots, of ATV's to come. Yes there are a lot of people out there that are abuseing the laws and wrecking it for the law following guys. But you do have to admit, the tree and weed huggers are expanding very rapidlly. They're agenda is to try and make people like us look at things the way they distortedly look at things. Pretty soon it will be bad enough that you can't ride in any ditch or any public land, Just like what they're doing to snowmobiling. NO MORE riding in federal parks, it seems we're terrifying the poor animals that are half to one mile away. Or we are killing the poor weeds in the ditches. So we might as well get 2 wheel drive atv's and ride back and forth in our own drive-ways, cuz if you have mud on your tires, you must have been some where you should'nt have. If we're going to ride in the ditch's, we should'nt ride in the same track that we see ahead of us, stagger your tails. JUST my 3 cents worth, sorry if I offended anyone!! :rolleyes"


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Shadyzr, in the beginning, for a number of years, riders knew how to ride, since the recreation was new and basically unorganized. Now, MN has an association, over 50 ATV clubs and most people have found this to be a growing true family recreation.

Like any recreation that grows, there's going to be a number of people who do not like it. I'm not saying to sit and be quiet. I am saying, MANY MANY more people are now aware of what some will do to try and kill a recreation.

Now, not later, is the time to call your state and local representaives and be heard.

Be involved, join ATVAM and an ATV club (if you don't belong already), and spread the word to your buddies. Ride responsibly, more trails will be coming.

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