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North Shore trail may open to ATV's !!!


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I got an email from a friend in Duluth, he said the DNR is consedering opening the North Shore trail to ATV's, but due to wetland issues not any closer to Duluth than French River Road.

Guess who is crying foul because the meeting was held in Ely and not Duluth?
The executive director of the MRR, who claims they didn't know about it.OH POOH on him, they held all kinds of meetings but never called ATVAM or any other ATV club to let them know.So now that the shoe is on the other foot for once they are crying about it.Hey fair is fair and it wasn't any thing the ATV people did.The DNR and a local commisioner decided the meeting not any of us.All the commisioners up there knew about it as there were several memos sent out to each.
Maybe the polititions are starting to wake up to the narrow minded people who claim they are for all Minnesotains, but never seem to do any thing but try to pass thier own agendas.

To all the people who ride or live in ST. Louis County speak up now, let the commisioners and the DNR know that you would like the opertunity to ride the same trails the hikers,horse back riders,and snowmobile riders get to ride.

On a note about future damage caused by the idiots, I hope they patrol it and fine the snot out of them!!!


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from what I know of this trail, it gets used very little other than snowmobiles in winter. its about time that we are getting some of these trails that we are supposed to be getting, and I think this is a very good start. thank you DNR for doing a good job.
I am sure that the MRR will try to sue or take actions against it, but its law right, we x amount of trails.

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Well here is our chance, it looks like the meeting will be open to the public.

On Tuesday, Jan 6, 2004 there will be a St Louis County Board of Commissioners meeting at 9:00 am at the Duluth Courthouse. On the agenda will be discussion regarding the use of ATV's on the North Shore Trail.

Let's pack the board room with friendly ATVer's. Arrive early! MRR will certainly be in attendance. If you cannot make it to the meeting contact the commissioners .

St. Louis County Courthouse
100 North 5th Avenue West, Room 208
Duluth, MN 55802

Unfortunately it is during the week so I can't make it, took to much time off this past year so the vacation time is burned up.

I sure hope the people in that area attend or the MRR people WILL shut it down.The are in fact planning a full scale attack there and will be out in more numbers than one might think.My friend from the North said his wife works with a few people who are members of the MRR and they have been abuzz this whole weekend planning it.They even are going door to door asking for support from the resadents of Duluth.


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