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Sportsman Speedometer


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I have an 02 Polaris Sportsman 500 and the speedometer quit working on me, no speed, no odometer, no lights, totally dead. Someone told me that if the 4 wheel drive doesn't work there is a circuit breaker tripped. The speedometer and 4 wheel drive run off the same circuit. The 4 wheel drive does work, I've checked the circuit breakers and I do get voltage on the connector. Has anyone out there ever had their speedometer go bad on them?


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I've heard of the sensor going out, but that wouldn't make the display light go out I don't think. Just in case, pull your right front tire and look at the sensor, it should be located inside of the brake disc, at the top. It is a small cylinder with wires running to it. If it or the wires running to it are damaged it might be your problem. Don't know if it would make the whole thing dead, but it is something to check just in case. I know the '99 Polaris' had a problem with this sensor - it wore out when dirt was packed between it and the rotor. They put an aluminium sleeve around it in '00 or '01. I have an '01 with the metal protected sensor and have had no problem in 1600 miles, a lot of it in mud. 'Course now that I said that I realize my speedometer is doomed.



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If the whole thing is dead, you may need a new speedo, seen them get moisture in them and blamo their junk.

Watch out boys got three 600's in for 4x4 working all the time even with switch turned off.

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