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Hey Benny


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I don't know yet.Just talked with my cousin from Bimidji and he said they fought them off in his county, bnut the neighboring county is going through with the ban.
My guess would be the antis won as no one seems to care till it is to late.
But I will find out for you, but I am away from my home PC now so I don't have all the web sites loaded here to see about it.
Should know by Saturday though.

For the sled people, the MRR antis are pushing for a ban on ditch riding on sleds now.They claim your head lights blind on comming cars.
Seems to me that's why the law said a snowmobile has to travel with the traffic when posible?So I quess they were not happy to just get that law in place, now your in for a fight to stay riding the ditches just like we are now.
Can any one see the need to band together here???
The sled clubs up in Bimidji are, they have won thier battles so far because they fight side by side with ATV's and combine resources.

Thanks, Benny

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I tried for two hours to locate any info on the out come of the Park Rapids vote.

They covered that one up pretty good, I will call my cousin from Bimidji and ask him more on it.He seemed to think the sled riders joined us atv riders and put the kabash on them.

Let you know more when I know more my self.


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Not being able to ride in the ditches would not be so bad, but the DNR has to do more foot work to get tails off the roads, If you go to Michigan snowmobiling it is illegal to ride in ditches and no one seems to mid there. But wait they have trails.

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