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Light Foot Tracks?


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Anyone know of some one that has used these.
Any opinions?
After pricing new sleds I'm leaning towards the track system for my Polaris.
My 4-wheeler is primarily used for ice fishing. I've gotten by with chains for the last few years but I have struggled with deep snow at times.

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Went on a ride with guy that had tracks on a Sportsman 500 HO. Nice machine. Pretty much went anywhere, as long as the water wasn't over the handlebars. Handles a lot lighter steering than I thought it would be. As long as you are moving it is not too bad to turn. We asked him to "break trail" in a pine shaded area the snow hadn't melted in - he went thru it but didn't do us much good - didn't knock the snow down at all. Machine sits high, but center of gravity is still very low, makes machine very stable with great ground clearance.
Disadvantages are it is heavy. Might make it a little harder to transport in a pickup or small trailer.
Also, if you are going down a muddy trail - you are going to get filthy. Tracks throw mud like crazy. Cuts down top speed to about 1/2 or 2/3 of what it was, but on the 500 HO that ain't bad - wouldn't want to go much faster on tracks anyway. Bring a gas can 'cause she is going to suck gas faster than you could pour it down a gopher hole.

Nice machine though - wish I had that and he had something better.


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Scupper, I've personally rode several machines last year for a day on Red Lake, equipped with the LiteFoot track system. Rode on fresh crotch deep snow no problem. Rode over the chest/neck high banks from the roads being plowed on the lake. As RK mentioned, the steering wasn't as bad as I thought, but you have to be moving. Each track will add 100-pounds to your SP500. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll send ya some photos.

Also, do a search for Kimpex. I believe they're coming out with a similar track kit as well.

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Without tax and delievery they are listing for just short of $4400.I have made an attempt to barter a cash deal with no luck.
Dave did point me towards another dealer.
I am waiting for a call back. They were listing there tracks for about $3000.
I use my SP 500 primarily for ice fishing.
Mille Lacs is our main lake.
I have looked at many used and new sleds over the last couple years. Storing another machine for the better part of the year is just not in the plans.
Thanks for the thought.
Good Luck...

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