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Snow plow


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I bought one when I got my atv. The brand is Cycle Country. It was cheaper than the polaris brand and it is a good plow. I got the v-plow, it can be used as a straight blade also and angles both ways. I used the lever for the first year, but bought a winch the second year. A winch is a must if you do alot of plowing. Also, with the winch, you can raise it higher than the lever, a big plus.

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I had a Cycle Country 48" plow on my old quad and loved it. It held up great over the years including getting hit head on by an F-150 going about 25 miles an hour. Long story there ! LOL
I bought a new machine last winter and had a Moose 48" plow put on it. That plow is much beefier than the Cycle Country plow and does a great job as well. The Moose runs about 400 bones I think but mine was thrown in with the quad = free ... suposedly LOL
One thing about the two plows I've owned is they were/are kind of a pain to mount/put on and take off.
They are worth thier weight in gold though when it comes to snow removal.

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