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1982 honda atc very little spark

Fisher Dave

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82 honda atc 200 (3 wheeler)

There are only a few things that can cause your problem.

1st thing to do is put a new plug in it .. if it looks good or not. The gap is .028 for that machine I believe (90% sure).

Follow the plug wire back to the black plastic coil(secondary). Pull that coil off and clean all the connections with a fine file, wire brush, or sandpaper, including the ground wire and where the unit grounds to the frame. For the best results put some dielectric grease on all contacts.

If you still have a weak or intermittant spark look on the side cover of your motor and find where the 3 wire harness comes out .. unplug that harness and with an OHM meter test the black and red (black with stripe) wire.. put the positive contact(from meter) on the black/red wire and ground the negative contact from the meter on a bolt on the engine .. or anything with a decent ground. You should read 215-240 resistance on your meter. I have machines here that run reading 196-198 .. but if its any lower you probably found at least one of your problems. That reading is testing your main coil behind the flywheel (stator coil). The other wires in the harness are for the lighting coil and will not affect your spark.

If your main(stator) coil is good, and your secondary coil is properly grounded, there are only a couple other things it can be.

The CDI box (small black box with a 6? wire harness) could be bad.


You are having problems with your spark advancer. On one side of your motor you have a cover with the letters CDI. pull the 2 screws and open it up. Inside there will be a disc with a small electronic box on it held in by 2 screws .. pull the disc and be sure everything is very clean. Look behind once the disc is out and you will see a rotor type thing with a couple weights(looks like points). be sure there are 2 springs in tact on the weights, if not, replace the springs.

Last but not least .. if it still wont fire .. Take off your headlight and disconnect the kill switch and see if it helps.

This your entire ignition system.

Usually if you can see spark on these machines they will start and run .. you may have carb problems. If possible try to have someone pull-start you on the machine, it may just spit and sputter and run just fine after a minute.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or email me .. if you live in the duluth/grand rapids area I may be able to look at it myself.

[email protected]

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I have a 1982 honda 200 atc that is having a ignition problem. It is getting very weak and interment spark. I have changed spark plugs and replaced the plug boot, but not much change. Any help or advice is welcomed, thanx in advance.

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