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youth atv's

Dakota Iceman

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Lets hear some opinions. Im looking to purchase a 80 or 90 cc wheeler for my son. he is 8 years old. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on honda or yamaha or other brands for that matter. Also would be interested in a pair of machines...the daughter is 10.

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I think you are doing the right thing! Kids need to be introduced on something that can fit them and they can handle. My son has had sundiro 50 since the age of 6. He will graduate soon and my youngest will take over. What I found out when looking is they are all very very similiar minus the plastic on the outside. Check the numbers on the motor and so forth its magical how many models match. I have also found out that you are always tinkering with them. Carbs get a spec of dust, brakes, air in tires. It depends how much and were they are driving them. The only thing that stops my sons is the ground clearance. The non-aggresive tires is also a plus if your trying to keep a yard green.
Last thing you will gain 5 lbs because they work great for runing down to the end of the driveway to get the mail!

Hey nice Rack

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Hmmmmm, gettin' the kids involved huh, GOOD! First thing, plan on teaching them safety and to ride responsibly, on the trails.
I happen (well, my kids have actually) to have tested a few youth ATVs and still am in the process.

Four year old ETON Rascal, now known as an ETON Viper 50. I know it's too small for your kids but for info, it's still running strong.

Currently have a ETON Viper 50 & 90 is test. Even though your kid's age restricts them to under 70cc by law, don't bother buying any 50cc machine. They don't have enough power for kids their size, and will outgrow it quickly. The 90cc's have throttle limiters for beginners. Both Vipers have:
oil injection
rear disc brake
front drum brakes
electric start
Adjustable suspension front & rear
brake lights (2)
headlights without the optional bulbs (can't sell youth machines WITH working headlights. Buy the bulb harness and plug 'em in)
Style similar to the Yamaha Raptor, which kids love.

So far, they're running good. The 90 has the most agressive tire of any youth quad I've seen.

Also have a Polaris Sportsman 90 and Scrambler 50. We'll talk about the Sportsman 90. It does have racks, oil injection, brake light, drum brakes front and rear, not as agressive as tires as the Viper 90. It's a good runner for a couple of years.

FYI...........ETON builds the Sportsman 90.

My kids like to have racks but like the racing style of the Vipers. The Viper 90 is about $300 less than than the Sportsman 90.

Arctic Cat now has a 90cc two stroke (MSRP $2100) OR the four stroke (MSRP $2300) youth machine. I have no experience with those yet. These use drum brakes front & rear. It would be nice to NOT have oil injection. You always have to make sure you have oil in the tank. That's something you'll have to decide.

I personally haven't had any experience with the Hondas or Yamahas in that size except I've seen one Honda 90 being used for a couple years without any trouble.

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