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ATV accesories....that work..or NOT.


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What accessories have you tried and found most handy?

One I like and use on my boat also is the RAM Spotlight system. Very versatile and durable. Easily transfered from ATV, to boat, to another vehicle if need be.


You can read up on them at this link if you wish.


This system also incorporates a camera mount, very handy in the field. Way Cool!


And for you "Ice Rangers", How about a RAM mounted Vexilar....Eh....Cool Huh? Seen them in use, very "Kewl"!

Or...Maybe a GPS system HUH?

You get the idea, very versatile.

Any field test reports on any of this stuff, lets here it guys & gals?


Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson
Backwater Guiding "ED on the RED"

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Hey BW
What kind of mount is there for a vex on a four wheeler. I have been trying to figure something out for this and if they make a mount, I would be very interested in buying it. I did not see anything on their HSOforum for mounting one.

Thanks Slab

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Why not just strap a Vex box (the blue Genz or Vex black round) to the rack?

I'm sure you could mount a Ram base mount to the Vex mount and use a RAM that way, too.

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What you do is get the electronics mount plate and ball kit, and add it to the stanchion.

From the main stanchion and ball assembly you can add all kinds of stuff.

Stuff like Gun Racks, pistol harness, GPS, rod holders, a blender, Whatever trips your trigger, you name it. They got it or will make some other application that has a mount to fit it.

It is the same universal plate just adapted to the ball and stanchion of the light. Consider the system a modular system. Add whatever toys you need. Lego's for big boyz toys. wink.gif

The ball and stanchion system is right up there with "Velcro" and "Zip ties" as the smartest inventions of this century in my opinion.

I think with a little innovation you could make a ice auger carrier pretty dang easy too Eh?

Something much like the RAM Bow mount motor system, they keep the motor from bouncing when ripping through rough water.

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While shopping for a bigger rack extender last year, I could not find anything that really met my requirements.

I wanted to be able to fit three five gallon buckets in the front rack for ice fishing.

I ended up making a rack out of 2 inch PVC pipe that is secured to the front rack (Polaris 400 Sprotsman)with heavy zip ties. I filled the inside of the pipes with that expandable foam insulation to keep the pipes from shattering in cold weather.

It's first task was elk hunting in Colorado. It held four six gallon water jugs perfectly. It also held the five gallon buckets for ice fishing. It cost me about 40 bucks total to make and paint, and it has proved to be very rugged. It blocks the high beam light, but the two low beams below the rack give me plenty of light at the speeds I drive.

I also made a rack to hold my Otter medium shelter on the back rack out of 2x4 lumber. Now I can have my shelter strapped to the back rack with remaining gear in the buckets on the front rack. I did this to I don't need to trailer my ATV when I want to go fish somewhere at early ice. Caution must be exercised when loading/unloading into a truck, as the ATV is a tad back heavy with the Otter on there. I just back up to the ditch embankment and cut the loading angle to nearly level.

I also made a loading system where I could pull the otter shelter up onto the back rack with my winch. That proved to need more engineering, and then the ice season came so I will work on that later this summer.

I can try and post a picture if anyone is interested.

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Gissert, yes, please post a pic. Those "accessories" sound interesting and something others might want to try and make. Half the fun of owning a wheeler is making things for it.

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