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Riding near the cities


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i have always wanted to go down to that place. whats it like? do they have trails or just things to drive around-over? cost? when you say dnr tag - is that the little tab to put on your plate that falls off every time you get your wheeler wet. have paid for three now and the dude at the liecences place said if i have the red card with me i dont need the tab. are they going to care? has anyone fond a way to make those tags stay on a plate?

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I live in Montrose and I was wondering if it was legal to ride along railroad tracks. The tracks run about 2 blocks from my house and was wondering if I could ride the little road that runs along it.

Also, can you ride in the ditches in the summertime, or are they always closed to atv travel?

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slaberknocker, it is trespassing to ride on or with in the railroad right of way.The super troopers will nail you for that one, provided they catch you.
I used to ride them all the time groing up in the North woods, but that was a differant time.Now days the cops and CO's really frown on it as it can be dangerous.
And the rail companies don't want the liability for us riding there either.
Good luck in your search to ride.

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